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Clipped Ping's claws...How often

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Hey there. I haven't posted in a while. Everything is going great with Ping but I do have a question. I just clipped Ping's front claws for the first time. He did real well didn't fight me at all. And it only took a few minutes to clip his front claws. My question is how often do I clip his claws? Also do I need to do the back claws as well? Thanks for the help.
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I tend to do Bijou's every 10 days or so, depending on how sharp they feel when he stands up on my leg! I have done small snips on the back paws as well, but they don't seem to need clipping much.

It's good that you managed to get it done with not much fuss.
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I check them around 10 days too, and clip as needed. I don't do the back ones, they seem to take care of that themselves quite well.
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I usually check once a week and clip as necessary. And yes, clip the back ones too - they don't grow as fast as the front, but hurt really bad when they launch off of your lap
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I'll have to work on the back ones. Because it stands right now he does not like me touching his back paws. So I will have to work on that. Question though for those that have been clipping a while. I read on a site (forgot the name) that the more often you clip the claws the quick will start to receed farther back allowing to clip the claw further down. Is this true? And is it ok to for that to do that?
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Yes that is true (about the quick) and it will not hurt - actually its better since it takes longer to grow out
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Clippin my cats is a *two man operation* probably because we are afraid we will hurt them. But we do them every 10 to 14 days. They are both angels and rarely squirm. When little Skye was first done we wrapped him in a towel because he wanted nothing to do with it...now he just is so cooperative.
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Red, if your cats are cooperative then it doesn't need to be a 2-man job anymore
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