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Wickett... mama's handsome boy

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So, with all the new kitty pics and the fact that I've been taking pictures since I bought my new camera last week both of my kits are feeling left out. So, I decided to start them each their own threads for all the pics I'm sure to be taking. He's my handsome boy and I've taken tons of pics but he's not very photogenic. I think it's the long black fur.
Pet my tummy... please!!! (and who could resist such a cute fluffy tummy)

What was that... was it a lost mouse?!

I bored w/ pictures...

Wait... was that the mouse?

Mmm... tasty

And he has the most kissable kitty mouth!

and one of the fullest manes I've seen...

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I posted another thread about his sleeping in the blanket but I'll just stick this here. Almost everynight he wines to get into my blanket. Once he's in all you see is tail until he's ready to come out which this week was 45 minutes later. We think it's like his "alone time". LOL It's so cute sometimes I have to uncover his head and take a pic.
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OMG, I'm in love! What a handsome boy!
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He is so handsome and fluffy!! Great pics!
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Thank you! Yes, he's handsome... and very fluffy... and he knows it.
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Awwwwww Wickett you are a fluffy handsome boy. I could rub that belly for days. Thats funny about his "alone time"
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It's funnier than you can know. He's very picky about the blanket. He doesn't want to just be covered.. he wants to nest in it and if it's not just right he won't go in. Instead he'll sit there and head butt it and cry until I fix it or until I scratch him so good he forgets he wanted in. I actually timed him this week and he spent 45 minutes in there one night.
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look at that mane!
reminds me of mikey in the winter...all fluffy and lion like!

Your handsome dark man does have a smoochable mouth!
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Thank you... I have to chatch him in the right mood to get smooches but when the time is right he loves giving kisses.

Daddy, did you hide my mouse in your shoe? I'll look...
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Awwww! He looks just like Whitey! He's so handsome!
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he is soo gorgeous
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What an enviable mane! He's gorgeous
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He's gorgeous!. I could just bury my face in all that fur
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Well, we got take out the other night and look what was at the bottom of the bag...
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Wow he's a honey
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He sure is a big fluffy man!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
He sure is a big fluffy man!

What a handsome boy
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That's better than a Happy Meal toy!
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OH WOW! I wonder if Orion will look like that. He is DLH and his hair just keeps getting longer and longer. I can't wait to see what he looks like with his fur!

Your cat is absolutely gorgeous!
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Wickett your gorgeous!
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Wickett says thank you! He knows hes a handsome boy and it keeps him out of trouble. LOL

He started as a chocolate w/ black points and medium lenght hair. I'm pretty sure he's part NFC or MC. He has massive toe tufts and his hair pattern matches it's really short around the back of his collar and across his shoulders and super long and fluffy on his belly.
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that is a very pretty cat. and you do well at capturing pictures.. i have a full black, and well. she loves the camera.. but its so hard to see her in the picture because you have to have the perfect lighting.... very good!
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Ya, all black is hard to get a good pic of... it doesn't help that he's camera shy. LOL Fortunately my kitchen (where the bag is) has very good florescent lighting so he turns out pretty good. Oh, and the new camera helps tons!
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Beauttiffulll.. I love Black cats,, and he's sooo prettyyy.....
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What a gorgeous boy!!
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Wickett is stunning and very photogenic....
You have a superstar on your hands.

I love his name.
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Ya, only photogenic when hes not running away. LOL And still the pictures don't do him justice. I'm hoping for some sun bathing pics but the sun is best when I'm at work.
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I am in love with your cat!!! What a gorgeous baby you have there.
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I'll have to tell him he has an admirer!

Here's a few more. I feel the need to post some cute pictures after posting his butt bath this morning. LOL

Here he is crashed out in a way that takes all my strenght to not zerbert him...

He just loves rolling on his back for tummy rubs

I am Wickett... hear me roar... Ack... what's that fur doing in my mouth?!
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He's SO gorgeous!
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