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Satellite Internet?

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Does anyone use this? I think that is what we will have to get at my house if we want good since we don't have cable access. So any one who uses this please let me know what you think about it!
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I don't have it, but the only thing I can tell you is everything will depend on the weather. So if there is a dark and stormy night and you're trying to access the internet, good luck.

From what I heard too it's quite expensive. Maybe its different in your area, but I know one guy at work looked into it and the price was going to cost them more per month than a cable modem. He also said that the speed isn't worth it either. So since he lives out in the boonies, he stuck with dialup.
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I had it for 1 year, and canceled it just as soon as the contract was up. It worked pretty well actually, but at the time I signed up (about 3 years ago), they weren't really telling anyone about their "fair access policy". What that meant was, once you exceeding a certain download limit, they limited you to "dial up speed". For me it was only something like 100mb. Some movie streams exceed that in less than an hour, so I'd watch about 2/3 of a movie, and then it would just stop.

Here is the current Fair Access Policy for Hughesnet, which used to be Direcway, which is who I had.
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We have it at the cottage, and like people said, its more expensive than cable, slower and affected by bad weather. It is a lot better than dial up though!
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I recently got satellite and am soooooooo glad to have it in spite of the problems that most people associate with it. I might add I have had no problems as yet. My speed is approx 850k more or less at all times. So far, it has been pretty well constant. Normal dsl us normally 1000k or 1mg. In my particular situation, it is nearly the same as dsl. ONly slightly slower. Dialup is never going to be more than 56k and usually slower than than because of bottlenecks.

We have satellite now because we live so far out, we can't get dial up, cable or dsl... So after being without internet for 4 months or so, it is wonderful.

We have hughes.net. Our bill is 59.95 month. It is much much better than any dialup. I have had all types of internet. I like dsl the best.

Hope my review helps.
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