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R.I.P. Cleo

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I got a call from a friend at the shelter that her cat Cleo had to be P.T.S. yesterday around 3 PM. Cleo was an adorable black & white kitty who had been at the shelter about 3 years. I always called her Clecle. When Cleo was a kitten she had been 4 paw declawed & died while on the operating table, the vet brought her back, but the damage had been done. Cleo was a special girl in many ways and her Mom had given her a chance so many people did not. So for Cleo it truly will be peacful.

R.I.P. Cleo, healthy & whole again over the bridge!!
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Rest in Peace Cleo You are now healthy baby girl
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RIP sweet Cleo.
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Little Cleo, night-night you are with a new fur-family now and you can play forever happily over the Bridge
please know little one, that the love from below will fly high to fill your heart and make you purr forever
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I know that you are happy and healthy at Rainbow Bridge Cleo.
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Please let your friend know that I send my condolences on her sad loss. What a truly loving heart your friend has, to see the special qualities that Cleo had despite whatever handicaps she endured Cleo was so fortunate to have a special person to give her care and love; please invite your friend to join and post here on TCS if she thinks it might help her to heal from this loss. As for Cleo, Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, lovely little spirit
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run and be free and happy Cleo - you were too good for this world

I will light a candle to help guide you home


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The poor baby Cleo your happy and healthy over at Rainbow Bridge, with lots of new friends there to play with and trees to pull your claws on once again

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I'm sorry for you loss, and your friend's loss.

Rest in peace Cleo. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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Thankyou all so much, I will pass along your condolences. I felt so bad becuase she only adopted her about a year ago. Cleo was 7 or 8, and she will be missed. I knew her for a couple years at the shelter and she was a good girl, but not that many people told her that.
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