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HELP~~ eyelid and pupil problem

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Hello, everyone!

One of my kitties is pretty down recently. Here is the report from Animal Eye Specialty Clinic:


Pupillary light response: present direct and consensual both eyes
Menace response: present / visual both eyes
Right eye: lower lid nasal entropion of the nasal 1/3 of the eyelid, normal ocular exam
Left eye: same as the right eye

Corneal stain: negative both eyes

DIAGNOSIS: lower lid entropion – both eyes, genetic vs. secondary to feline herpes virus unknown

ASSESSMENT: we discussed if lubricating the eyes does not control the squinting and inflammation the lids should be surgically averted. Additionally we discussed we may need to treat for herpes virus in the future if there is recurrent inflammation.

MEDICATION: Genteal Teargel – apply a small amount to BOTH eyes 3 times daily


My 2 kitties were found on a construction site when they were only about 4 or 5 weeks old. And later on tested for Leukemia positive. Spayed/neutered @ 5 and half months.

The boy is orange with white paws; the other is a calico girl. They are almost 11 months now.
In September my roommate found a stray kitten in front of the house and brought it in: another calico girl 5 weeks old! I kept her in the bathroom alone, and posted online waiting for somebody to adopt her..
Unfortunately meantime, I guess she scratched his eye. When I found out his lower eyelid turned inward, I brought him to the vet, and diagnosed ulcer. Then the vet performed a surgery, saying that it would fix both the ulcer and the eyelid.

However after the surgery, his eyelids still grow inward, and his pupils are always very small no matter in bright light or dark place.
In the last 2 weeks he’s been very down, sleeping most of the time. Last week, the vet kept him for a whole day, found nothing… then referred me to the eye specialist.

If any of you, by any chance, could tell what kind of problem it could be?
Coz there were 3 doctors came in and did the same kind of examination. Even with the assessment, I don’t think they really know the exact reason/ problem.
And right now, I don’t hope my boy go through another surgery in a rush way.

Appreciate all your attention and help!!
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It might be the Leukemia and not really a problem wit hhis eyes (although if they don't dialate properly I would think that would be a problem but I am not a vet). I would give my vet a call and ask if it might be the leukemia.
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Thank you, Phenomsmom!
But the other girl is perfectly fine, no problem at all.
And I am very worried also because he sleeps too much..
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I am afraid if they remove partial of his eyelids surgically as said in the assessment, is that gonna completely fix the problem?? Did the vets took everything into consideration??

Here is something I found online:

Feline leukemia may affect the pupil size without any other visible disease or there may be signs of lethargy, depression, inappetance or signs of a generalized illness.

In Horner's syndrome, the third eyelid is usually at least partially visible in the affected eye and often covers 1/3rd to 1/2 of the eye. The eye may appear to be sunken into the socket. Horner's syndrome happens because there is injury to the sympathetic nerve to the eye. This can happen anywhere along the nerve's course and it courses from the brain down the neck, through the chest and back to the eye. So injury to the neck, chest or brain can lead to signs. A tumor in the chest can cause pressure on the nerve and produce signs. This syndrome also occurs in feline leukemia virus infected cats because chest tumors are more common in these cats. Horner's syndrome will sometimes appear for no apparent reason and then disappear in a few weeks.
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And here is 2 pics taken in the morning of Wednesday(12/20) before I left to work. Fortunately I didn’t use flash in the first pic, but it’s not that focused on the eyes. And I don’t have the girl’s pic to compare.

These 2 were taken on July 1st.

From the old pictures, I think his pupils are slightly smaller than his sister.
But right now, the thing I worry most about is that he sleeps almost all the time, and not interested in anything he used to like. Before he’d meow meow at the door asking me to open it and playing downstairs couple of times every day. Now, even when I open it for him, he is kind of reluctant to go..;((..
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