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Maggie is here

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Well here is a pic that most have been waiting for. Just got it this morning shortly after getting up.
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I like that little light patch above her eye!
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aww............bless. she is such a peach now shes stolen my heart look at that gentle face of hers

hemm ...mmm....more photos please
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Maggie how gorgeous are you!!!. I bet your a daddy's girl as well?
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She's absolutely adorable!
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I can already tell that she likes to play. We will be spending time playing together, and working on her taking treats from me too. She is a bundle of energy too., Will try to get more pics soon, need to borrow my parents digital camera so get better pics.
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what a pretty little kitty!
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What a pretty lady! her eyes are so striking!
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Awwwwwwwww Maggie your such a pretty little girl
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She's gorgeous! Slightly oriental-ish look to her face I think, very similar shape to my Radar who has siamese and cornish rex in him

Can't wait to see more photos and hear how she's settling in
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settling fine, it is coming along. Need to build a scratching post for her though. She is more playful than suzie was. After the holidays we will start having her get used to the harness, and be ready for walks in the spring. More pics of maggie is available, see my other thread here for those.
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awe she is such a adorable
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What a sleeking looking lady!!!

I wanna build a cat tree for my boys...
havent got the time...or the skilll
but climbing on chairs and on top of the couch is doing ok for them at the moment. lets just hope there are no holes in my couch
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