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Do you set aside money for vet bills?

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I was just curious if anyone set aside a certain amount for vet bills each month. I set aside $100 every month even if it means I dont get to get something I want. Because I want to be able to pay for things when they come up. I had my savings acount (its just for the pets) up to 3,000 until Bagheera got sick and then I spent all that plus more on him. Ive had major vet bills several times since I spent what I saved up. Anyways I was just wondering how many of you guys also saved up in case of a vet emergency.
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Yep, we have a kitty/doggy savings account. We have a set amount of money automatically transfered in each week.
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I don't save up for it, but I have a visa card with a $5000 limit and a zero balance, locked away just for vet expenses. And, I only use it if I can't pay out of pocket. So like, routine things like vaccinations and checkups I pay cash for. The Visa is pretty much emergencies only.
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i sure try to.
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Nope, I don't. I have 4 skin kids and something always comes up for them.If I need the $$$ for one of the kits, I should be able to get it though.
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Usually I don't, but with Timotei suffering from IMHA, I currently try to have enough vet money all the time in case he collapses again.
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I don't because my paycheck is already gone even before it hits my bank account. We are so fortunate that hubby got some back pay that very week isis got sick but it all went to her vet bill.
Things should be a lot better in a few months and I will start putting money aside with her asthma, I've got to. I'm taped out on the cc and trying to pay those off and get my credit back up. It's been a bad bad year.
I want to start putting money automatically aside every month for human savings and kitty vet emergencies (and birds too). My car will be paid off in 3 months
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Being a breeder - I have too! Thank goodness my babies are all healthy but when I lost BB, his bill for just 24 hours of care was the equivalent of US$600+!

It just makes sense to have a contingency fund for the babies don't you think?
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I never get a chance by the time I catch up from a round of vet visits, I'm back again. I need to get control of my finances!! or maybe I just need to marry a vet
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I don't...I should, but I figure I will just put anything on my credit card if something comes up.
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No, we have pet insurance.
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Well, I do and I don't. J and I have money banked for emergencies (he's way more financially responsible than I am), and we both have credit cards that we can put towards paying vet bills if it becomes necessary. We also know that we can rely on our parents for a loan if the vet bills become that extreme, but that would be a last resort -- despite long periods of unemployment for me, we're fairly financially secure. (Knock on wood!)
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I don't because I don't make enough money. So far, I have been lucky and my biggest vet bill was Milos neuter which was $300. Other than that, its just been check ups and vaccinations which come to about $60 and Zebras spay which was $100.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
or maybe I just need to marry a vet

I have insurance for large bills and usually enough on my credit card for unexpected bills but I always aim to put some money by for routine stuff like vaccinations. Never happens though so when they're due I just end up paying for them out of that month's salary and cutting out something else to pay for them.
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No, but we have enough in savings that we've been able to cover vet bills so far.
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We have a savings account that's there for all types of emergencies.
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I have a savings account dubbed the "cat emergency fund" that, fortunately, I've never had to use. The only major expenses that I've with any of my crew to date have been Peter's ultrasounds, but I've able to cover those without dipping into the fund.
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I agree with Katie, I think I need to marry a vet, too!! I actually have a credit card that is a nightmare to work with, so I transfered my $50 balance to a new one(for free!!!) that old credit card is tucked away awaiting a kitty/doggie emergency.
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I have a pet savings account. Currently it's almost empty though. Bean ended up getting quite sick and cost me over $1200. So I'm working on rebuilding that right now.
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