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I would love to post pictures, but unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera. Thanks so much for caring, Debby.
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I don't have one either. Just take your pictures in to be developed, and check the little box that asks if you want your pics put on a disk as well, and then when they come back, you just put the disk in and save which ever pics you want to your computer (I save them in my documents) then you have to resize them in order to post them here, or just e-mail them to someone here as an attachment, and they can resize and post them here for you. I would be happy to do it for you if you e-mailed them to me!
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Jeannie! That's wonderful news. Everyone must be sooo relieved!
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Oh what a relief!!!! I've got a huge lump in my throat. Sending more prayers for a speedy recovery, and lots of growth! Prayers work!!!!!

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Laurie, It means so much to have friends who will pray with you. God does the healing, but so often, not always, but often, when many of His children ask the same thing, miracles occur. Perhaps the baby would have been fine without all of you. Some people would call miracles coincidence, but I have seen so many, I can't deny that they exist. Please continue to pray. He's so very tiny.
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Jeanie I am glad that the baby is doing much better. Before you knlw it, he will be driving and bringing home girls!
Hugs to him and you too!
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Jeanie, I'm so glad to hear he's been able to go home!! Although he's tiny right now, I'm sure he'll recover alot quicker at home!!
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Jeanie, woo hoo! I am so glad things have turned out okay. That's a wonderful idea of yours, keeping all our supportive posts about the baby and giving it to Mum and Dad, they'll always know how many people were rooting for their little one.
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Now that he has been home for a few days....how is your sweet grandbaby doing?
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Renae! Thank you for asking. His doctor is pleased with his progress. He weighs over 6 pounds now! He had a bit more trouble with his new formula, but the Dr. added a bit of rice cereal to the formula and that helped immensely. I am so grateful!
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Jeanie!!! I am so glad to hear he is doing so well!!! That is great!!!!!!!
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Thats great news he is doing so well!! I'm so happy for you and the rest of the family!!
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Jeannie, thanks for keeping us posted. So glad to hear Taylor's doing well. He'll be just like a big bass real soon! Wanted to let you know I'm keeping him in my prayers.
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Please pray for Taylor John. He's back in Children's Hospital, vomiting and choking. I'm a mess. Please, please pray! I won't be online for a while to keep the phone free. Pray for me too, please. I feel helpless and broken hearted. God bless you.
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Sending lots of prayers and love for Taylor John all the way from Western Australia. :angel2: :angel2:

Thinking of you Jeanie, the hospital will take good care of the little one. Let us know how he's doing.
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Jeanie, I am so sorry. We thought he was going to be OK. Good thoughts, for Taylor and his family.
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Love and prayers for you all
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Jeanie, I replied to you in the mod's lounge as well...I am just so very sorry to hear this, and I have said a prayer for him and will continue to pray for him. I know God will be with little Taylor, and I pray that he will be healed and back home very soon!!! Keep us posted!!!
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Jeanie, I'm so sorry to hear that Taylor is back in the hospital. Sending my positive energy to Taylor, you, and your whole family. Hang in there, you have tons of people here praying for you and Taylor, even if they don't post it. (((((HUGS)))))
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Jeanie! How horrible for your family. My prayers are flying your way! I hope everything gets better quickly.
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We thought he'd be all right. He started vomiting and choking and couldn't breathe. He was life flighted with a doctor and 3 emt's to Children's Hosp. last night. Billy said his mommy was suctioning him, but he'd start to breathe and then stop. That went on until the ambulance arrived. I wondered why they didn't give him mouth to mouth, but he said Taylor would breathe sporadically, and then choke again. You can't give mouth to mouth when the patient is breathing. I taught school for children with CP, and accoding to my training, they were right, but it is still frightening. Please pray. We're back to step one. He seems to do well for a few days and then regress.
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I am praying for you and I'm so sorry your poor family is having to go through this hell. God bless you and the little one.
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Good thoughts coming your way.....
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Continuing to pray.....I pray they can find out what is really wrong with the little guy this time and do something about it!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!!!
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Oh no! I was so hoping he was getting better and stronger. Of course you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they discover what is wrong with him and he gets better soon!
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Oh Jeannie, I don't know how I missed this. This must be so difficult for you all. I'm sooooo sorry to hear about little Taylor. Sending hugs and prayers. Lots of prayers. Pleas, actually. No one should have to suffer through this. Poor little guy.

Please know you are in my prayers.

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Jeannie, sending lots more prayers to baby Taylor and family.
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Jeanie, you and your family are in my thoughts. Please let us know when you hear something. It just isn't fair that someone that little should have to go through all that.
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Oh my gosh Jeanie, I just read this.

Sending big bear hugs and super strength your way. Taylor will be fine and so will you. Be strong and stay positive.

Sending prayers out your way.

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Jeanie I missed all of this being gone at the cat show and everything else that is going on here. I am so sorry and I too will pray for the baby. I how how hard it can be to wait to know what is going on. I will pray for the Taylor John and your family.
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