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My thoughts and prayers are you and your family! Hoping for the best outcome for Taylor
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Prayers are with you. Waiting is the worst. Please know, hubby survived menengitis and is turning 40 this year.
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My grandmother also survived menengitis in the early 20th century when she was only 4 years old, and they didn't haved all these advances in medicine back then.
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{{{{Jeanie, Taylor John and family}}}} Our prayers are going out for all of you!

I've been away and am just catching up...
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Just checked in to see if there is any news. Still sending up prayers.
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I might not be on line very much today (to keep the phoneline free), but I want you to know that the test for menigitis was NOT positive; it was inconclusive. We are awaiting a culture. Thank you for your continued prayers. God bless.
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hoping you get some conclusive answers soon so they can treat him accordingly.
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Jeanie - I've just caught up to this thread! He and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope he becomes stronger every day!
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I'm glad that at least the test wasn't positive. I will keep checking in for news, and sent you another e-mail.
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Thank God it wasn't positive. Now, we wait for the outcome: a complete happy ending! Prayers and thoughts still being sent.
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Thinking about little Taylor!
Prayers are being sent your way!
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Anymore news? How is he doing?
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The viral form of meningitis has now been ruled out also!
Taylor still cannot keep down his formula, so the pediatrician will experiment with others. She thinks he has a problem digesting proteins in combination with a digestive virus which elevated his white count. She is stopping the intravenous feeding, but leaving the pic (I assume that's what it is.) so that she can start it immediately if necessary. His white count is still up, but not very much. We know he has lost weight, and would have soon been dehydrated, but the Dr. believes his system is now just ridding itself of the problem --in his diaper. I hope she's right. She will keep him until she's sure he's stable. Thank God, and thank all of you. It could have been so much worse! Keep praying until we're sure, all right?
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That is such good news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that he is doing better, and that they have ruled out the meningitis!! It is also very promising that they took out the IV!! I will still keep praying, until he is completely well!! Thanks for the update! That is great news!!!
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That is good news Jeanie. It's amazing what some little bodies can take and others can't. My third godson was actually lactose intolerant from the day he was born. Couldn't even keep mother's milk down. They switched him to soy milk formula and he was fine, but it did take some time to figure out that's why he was vomiting so much. His Drs. said they had never seen an infant that couldn't even tolerate mom's milk, but he couldn't.
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Jeanie, I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to read this thread until now! I'm so sorry I didn't jump in sooner with my good thoughts, prayers and positive energy, but I'm sending all 3 full force now!

And also, ((((((HUGS))))) for you. I know how stressful a situation like this can be. Please keep us updated!!
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This sounds a lot like what happened to Mark. He turned out to be allergic to his formula and his digestive enzymes got all screwed up. He was on Pregestimil, a predigested formula, for quite a while.

Eventually, it turned out that it was the milkfat. We, gradually, got him onto nonfat milk and, as he got older, onto regular lowfat milk. He's been fine, since he was 1 1/2.
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The puzzling thing to me is the virus and the spinal tap. His white count was very high, and his spinal tap was not normal, so something was going on. He was throwing up green/yellow spit-up and the diaper was also green/yellow. I'll feel a lot better when he can keep down his food and have normal B.M.s. He's too little to have to put up with this. It's frightening, but no meningitis is a relief. There is a group b strep meningitis, which his mother carries (as many women do), and he seemed to fit that profile, but thank God--he doesn't have it.
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Hopefully you will know more soon, and he will get stronger, and start to feeling much better!!!
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Jeanie- Sorry I am so behind on this thread. My prayers and well wishes go out to Taylor John and your entire family. Great that they aahe rulee out meningitis. Hope to hear more encouraging news soon.
God Bless...
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{{{Jeanie, Taylor and Family}}} Our prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery!
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Jeanie! I am glad he is doing better! I am still praying for him to get better and stronger every day!
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I saw the baby today! He's really tiny. Poor little lamb has really been through the mill, bless his heart. The doctor was so pleased with his improvement that she feels the pediatrician and his parents can handle things from now on. My son and his wife told me they'd stop on the way home from the hospital. Well, I waited hours, and gave up. The tears were welling up when I heard the phone. They were on their way here! I changed his diaper and got baptized, of course. Seems like old times! I am so grateful to all of you. I printed out your posts and put them in a manilla envelope so that Daddy and Mommy will always remember how you prayed for him. My son couldn't put them down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Oh my gosh....I must be over emotional right now. I am crying tears of joy for you! I am sooooo relieved that we have another happy ending.

Guys, we did a good job!!!!!

Hugs and kisses for Jeanie, Taylor and family.
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OMG!!! Jeanie, that is WONDERFUL news!!!!
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Yeah for little baby Taylor!! Oh, Jeanie, I'm so glad he is able to go home. And I'm also very happy that you got to see him. You even gave me a chuckle with the "got baptised". LOL I'm also getting all choked up with happiness. It's been such an emotional week, with the 9/11 anniversary and all. It is great to hear a happy ending!
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Hurray! I am so you and your family. What a relief!
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I am so glad that baby Taylor is home!!!! This is the best news I have had all day!!! This is so wonderful for you and the family!
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Jeannie, I'm glad that the bsby is OK. They are pretty resilient little creatures.
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Jeanie! I just read this!!!!! I am thrilled that the baby is at home now!!!!!! Thank God!!!! This is such a relief, and I am sure you and your family are so overjoyed that he is so much better!!!!!!

Give him a little hug for me when you see him again!!!!!!

And if you get the chance, we would love to see a picture of him here!!!!!!
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