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Medicating a Cat  

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I need some advice about medicating our Himalayan, Princess Leia. She is on 1.5 ml Amoxi-drops twice daily. We have to mummy her when giving the meds as she is all teeth and claws and becomes the cat from hell otherwise. Does anyone have some advice re getting the eyedropper in her mouth without putting a wrestling hold on her (smile)?

Also,I am looking for an eyedropper that is marked in ml and would hold 1.5 - presently, I have to use 2 droppers to give her the proper dosage. Has anyone seen anything like this.

Hope to hear from anyone with suggestions!

(Missie's Mom)
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Try wrapping her in a towel. She will feel safer, and you will not get scratched. When you open her jaw, make sure your fingers open her mouth and the rest of your hand covers her eyes. This may calm her slightly, but a cat that is hard to medicate can be a pain!! We've got to do it, though. Just remember, you're doing it to help her. Good luck.
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My iittle one is currently also on Amoxi drops and he is a bear when it comes to medication. I buy Nutro the 3oz cans (not the patte) as treats and have noticed that he loves to lick the sauce. I mix the drops into the sauce and he licks it up - no stress no mess and no scratches on Mom. Good luck..
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As I just reported in another thread, the towel method worked for me and singlehandedly! (even the vet suggested 2 people). My cat is about as disagreeable as can be about anything that messes with him.
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I'm closing this thread as there is a "part 2" thread by jeanieandbob:

jeanieandbob, in the future could you please post replies to the thread itself and not start "part 2" threads to avoid double postings and confusion.

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