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Officially the crazy cat lady!

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We're looking after our neighbours kitty while she's away over Christmas, and that's fine. Tonight our neighbours from a couple of doors down knocked on our door and asked if we were going to be around over christmas and if we could look after their cat.

We've only met them once before but they are lovely, and I've wanted to get them around for dinner, but I think we all live busy lives and never manage to see each other!

Anyway, so they said they were stuck for a pet sitter, and knew I was a "cat person" as they called it, and asked if it was possible for me to do it.

I invited them in and they fell in love with Smudge and Stumpy and gave them lots of cuddles, and picked up Smudge and snuggled her. Smudge squirmed in the girls arms a bit, then her hubby picked her up, and she just settled back into his arms on her back, purred her little heart out and fell asleep in his arms!!!! That little girl just LOVES men the little tart!

Of course how could I say no to them? So now I'm looking after our 3 cats, our neighbours girl Cleo, and our "new" neighbours girl Qusay. All girl kitties
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I can't believe you called your kitten a tart! ROFL My vet always "drops" my name to people who are looking for a dog/cat sitter. I'm more than willing to ablige, too!
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I love petsitting! I always offer anyone who adopts one of my fosters to petsit any time they need me. It gives me a chance to check up on them and to enjoy them.
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Yeah I always offer to petsit as well - it's such a good way to meet people as well. Cat people are always nice people in my book!
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