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How many litter boxes do you have?

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I currently have 2 for 2 cats but I am moving to a smaller apartment and am not sure if I will have the place for 2. I am going to put one in the bathroom but then I am stuck. It is only one bedroom and the bedroom is small. The washer/dryer are actually in the kitchen and I heard that you are not supposed to put the litter box near the washer as it can scare the cats.

Do you think one box will be suffucient if I clean it twice a day? They both use each others boxes now so I know they will go in the same box.

Thanks for the input!
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I have a two bedroom apartment which is two floors and I have 9 litterboxes. One of my crazy little kitties is still spraying though despite all the darn boxes and my Bowie even sprayed on me yesterday. All over my lap (thanks a lot) hehe. But ya, I also have 7 cats plus one who lives in my bedroom.
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I think it would be fine, but just be diligent about scooping
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Do your two cats both use both litterboxes now?

If so, you can downsize to one, but scoop often! and change the litter more often than formerly (twice as often, I'd say.) Also if you can fit a larger box in the bathroom that might help.
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We have two for two kittens. One upstairs and one downstairs.
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Abby has two litterboxes. She used to have only one, but we increased it to two when we went on vacation, and she seems to prefer it.
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I have 2 cats and 3 litterboxes.

I clean twice a day and wash them and totally change the litter once a week. Is that enough?

I also use Arm & Hammer Litter Deodorizer every day.
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I have 2 cats and 1 litter box. They are fine with just one. It's a large, covered box and I scoop twice a day.
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4 boxes, 3 cats. Any less and I can expect to wake up to poop on my floor every day (never pee, though, which is strange)
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I have one litter box for my two cats, and I live in a small one bedroom apartment. It is quite a large one (a converted rubbermaid container), so I'm sure that makes a difference. I'm sure that as long as your scooping alot (I only do once a day and that seems ok for our cats) then they won't have a problem with it.
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2 cats and 2 boxes. But I think they would be fine with one. Scoop daily (maybe morning and evening) and clean the box regularly.
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For the seven years that I had two cats, I only had box and they were just fine with it. I now have four cats and three boxes and that's working well too.
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we have 3 cats, 3 litterboxes and a 1-bedroom apartment. it works out pretty well. i scoop 2-3 times a day. when we have a petsitter though i have to leave and extra box. last time i didn't and the boxes were too full.
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We're bringing Charlie home next week. So he'll have his own small pan while in the adjustment to the house stage. I'm not sure if I'll put it downstairs eventually with the other pan.

Guess I have to wait and see how Ling reacts and if they will share one big litter pan or not.
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Thanks guys! I think it will be fine. I just tend to have anxiety about these things! I hate to "rock the boat" as they say!
They both use each box now so I will just get a larger box and scoop twice as much.
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As far as a large, deep litterbox, I've had excellent luck with this one: http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...N=2047564&Ne=2

We do both covered and uncovered here, and this is the only covered box I've had consistent luck with. I wouldn't go smaller than the "jumbo" size, especially if they're sharing

My boys are large cats at 12.5 and 15 pounds, and they'll use these boxes.
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We have four cats and three litter boxes.
We use the largest size covered boxes, but we have to take the covers off.
Gracie and Lizzie will not use a box that has a lid on it, they'll sit in front of it and meow their heads off but they will not get in until the cover is off.
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I have two for 3 kittens. The problem is Twinkie likes to use her box and the boys like to use their one box and her box. Twinkie is not very happy about it and always guarding her box and even if one of the boys uses it she cleans the box herself. I don't know how stop the boys from using her box but I am happy they us it. Both boys are litter mates so they share everything but Twinkie is a new kitten so she is territorial with her box. Once all the kittens are going to be free in the entire house I will have a box on every floor in the bathrooms, which will be total of 3 litter boxes. I think that should be sufficient unless the boys decide they don't want to share anymore.
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I have 3 cats and 3 boxes. Two of the boxes are right by the washer and dryer and the cats aren't bothered by the machines at all, in fact those boxes get used the most. Their food and water are on top of the dryer. Sam loves to eat there and snooze a bit when the dryer is going, he likes the warmth.
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I have 2 cats and 2 litterboxes
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I have 4 cats (Isis joined us a month ago and I thought i'd find her owner so I waited to get a 3rd box) but they do fine with 2 boxes so I'll probably leave it at that. I have one that's deep and i put a lot of litter in it. I scoop every day and change it totally every 2 weeks. I used to do it every week but with such a deep bed and clumping, it's not really necessary. No accidents to report at all and ordor isn't a problem so I think everyone is happy.

I live in a 2 bedroom appartment and I used to have the boxes in the kitchen or bathroom but I got tired of walking on litter so they are both in my bedroom side by side and i have a towel in front of the boxes. They are covered.
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I have a one bedroom apartment and I have 4 cats. I have three litter boxes. One small one and a large one. I got kinda lucky and I have a pantry thing in my kitchen which has no shelves and you can walk into it. I keep the litter boxes in there. My mom has her huge litter box for three cats in her laundry room . It doesnt scare the cats. They are like ages two five and seven.
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I have 3 litter pans for 3 cats in a one bedroom condo. You may run into some problems if you go down to one litter pan. I'd really look for another corner to put the second one in. Especially since they are used to having two.
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10 cats, 10 litter boxes! the 3 littles share a little one for litter training purposes!
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3 cats and one Litter Robot. I can't say enough good stuff about it!

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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
For the seven years that I had two cats, I only had box and they were just fine with it. I now have four cats and three boxes and that's working well too.
same here. i added the 3rd box when i added the 4th cat - prior to that, i had 3 cats & 2 boxes. all of mine are littermaids, automated boxes. i have two in one closet & one in another closet. i like having them in closets because that helps cut down on tracking. i had it in a closet when i was in an apartment, too. now i have a 2 bedroom/1bath house. i have 4 closets all together - one has my clothes - the other two have the boxes. i don't really have room for a box in the bathroom - & i don't want to have litter on the floor there, anyway.
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I have 9 cats, and 7 litter boxes. The 2 quarantined cats have 1 box in their room upstairs. I find, with daily scooping and at least weekly scrubbing out, this works. I also love the Cat's Pride Kat Kits--a cheap plastic pan, pre-filled with litter (I love their cheap litter--works as well as anything else, and I think it scoops better--I hate the clumping, sandy-textured stuff). The Kat Kits are about $2.49, but are well worth it. I often wash them out, and refill with the same litter, bought in a huge bag. I can use them about 5 times before the pan cracks. This way, if I'm in a hurry, I can just trash the box (I keep about 15 on reserve). I also use traditional litter boxes when times are lean financially. I line them with heavy-duty trash bags. Real litter liners never seem to fit the pans!

You know you have too many cats when installing a cat door in your laundry room door (it opens into the garage, in which we don't keep a car), so that you can put the litter boxes outside of the living space, is the most exciting thing that's happened to you in the last decade! Seriously, this is the best home improvement project we've done! It's so nice to have a dedicated kitty litter room! I plan to install insulation, wallboard, etc. to keep it warmer for the babies. I also plan to paint it, and have nicer lighting. (We use it as a storage room, too.)

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2 cats...a litter box on all three floor levels plus an extra on the middle floor where we spend the most time...never have had a problem...
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I have 1 litterbox for 2 cats. We tried 2 boxes but they wouldn't use the second one.
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3 floors, 5 cats, 7 litter boxes. What a joy to clean everyday
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