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Strange eating method

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Ronnie, 2 years old spayed female domestic, has over the past few months started to pick her wet cat food up in her paw and eat it from there. A bit like the old "Arthur" TV adverts (possibly only in the UK). She doesn't do this all the time, just when the other cat is not about. She does like to play with her food, i.e. if she gets chicken pieces she picks them up with her paw and throws them about the kitchen. She is a very tactile cat, if that makes sense - I mean that she uses her paws a lot - she touches new things before she sniffs them.

She has had her all-clear from the vets about a month ago. Any ideas why? Do you think she may have a tooth problem that the vet overlooked?

Or do you know other cats who eat like this?
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I often cat-sat for a friend of mine. Her cat, Felix, also had a weird eating habit. He would pick up one piece of dry food and drop it into his waterbowl. After a few seconds, he'd fish it out and eat it. Then he'd move onto the next piece Maybe your furbabe just enjoys eating with her paw!
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I have one that dunks her dry kibble with her paw into the water dish and looks totally amazed when it dissolves!
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My big DLH sometimes scoops his canned food up in his paw and eats its it from there too. He does this more regularly when he has finished his and is trying to snatch some from the other cats that are still eating. He stares for a second and then reaches his paw onto their plate and scoops some up in his hand then eats it from his hand. Its really cute to watch.
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My kitten throws her dry food around. And to step on a piece in the middle of the night really hurts!! My other tiger is a kibble dunker. He dunks it into water and then fishes it out and eats it.

Personally, I think it might feed their need to hunt prey. But if it keeps them happy.

Now as for water, the same tiger would not drink from his water dish unless he had both front paws in the water and then he dug like crazy to get the water moving and would then take a drink. We ended up buying a water dish that plugs into the wall and circulates the water - he is much happier now.
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Phew! She isn't the only numpty cat in the world then.

Thanks everyone.
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