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Need a "cat urinal"...

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I made a rather disgusting discovery the other day. Brady's three (count 'em, three!) litter boxes are in an unfinished room full of junk we are storing that someday will become a downstairs bathroom. DH and I thought he was quite a stinky little guy, because the cat pee smell was overwhelming. So I went in and not only emptied/cleaned the litterboxes, but also removed and shook out the throw rug that was underneath. Then I noticed that Bradyboy had peed on a ladder that was leaning up against the window. OK I thought, a cat can't tell that these old hunks of wood are valuable to humans. So DH put it outside and only grumbled a little.

But then I saw something I never would have expected. I had taken one of the lids from one of the litterboxes and kind of laid it on its side NEXT to the box. This was to catch the flying litter that Monseiur Brady flings every which way after he has finished his business. Well there was about 1/8 cup of cat pee in that thing. Holy moly I thought they liked to cover it! Blechhh, we took that thing outside, emptied it and left it there to get the smell out. So a couple of days later (this morning actually) I see that Brady has peed on the floor next to the box.

All in all this is not too bad, I mean it is confined to that room. But is there a way I can make it easy for him to pee somewhere or in something that is more convenient for me? He has THREE boxes, and poo is almost no problem, maybe once a month there will be a poo outside the box.
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Have you tried other types of litter? He may not like either the feel or the smell of the one you're using (try a non-scented one). And of course, the used litter should be removed as close to every day if possible.
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I would suggest a larger litter box. We use a huge tupperware container and it works really well. Wal-Mart is selling large storage bins with low sides as wrapping paper containers right now, I would try that. Also, I've heard that cats can get confused by multiple litter boxes near one another... could you give him just one box, instead of three?
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Two of the litter boxes are like bathtubs as it is.
Why so many? Somewhere on this board it said that many cats like to have two. I had an extra for "historical reasons". Brady was a semi-feral who I had to keep confined to a guest bedroom. Two litter boxes were in one of the closets. I had to transition him out of the guest bedroom so for a while he had his choice of litter boxes. Finally he vacated the guest bedroom and I was able to deep clean the carpet in the closet where his litter boxes had been. (It needed it!) He had two locations for his litter boxes but I ended up putting all three in that junk room. It was working ok for a while, it is just that he seems to like to pee kind of out in the open once a month or so.
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This thread has not generated a whole lot of interest but I have an update that might be helpful to others with pee issues.

I finally concluded that for some reason Monsieur Brady likes to pee on a flat surface (like concrete) and not a deep dish litter box with 2 " of litter. So I took a ratty old laundry basket and cut off most of it, leaving something the size and shape of a cookie baking sheet (lips about 1/2" all the way around) out of plastic. I put it in the spot where he seemed to like peeing and this morning found about 1/4 cup (I am NOT exaggerating) of cat pee in it. I guess if I ever need a urine sample I will be in good shape. Pretty smelly, but I carefully picked it up and poured it out into the (unused) litter box next to it.
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This is a revelation - the 'flat' place vs deep litter. We have a problem guy here and I'm going to try your idea.. will let you know how it goes! Thank you.
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Well good luck, I am curious if it helps. Maybe you can find an old lid from one of those plastic storage boxes so you don't have to destroy something else. I put a few tablespoons of litter in it but that did not seem to make a bit of difference to him.

I should point out that Brady has taken to hanging out in the garage (I think there are mice in there). He has peed on the floor in there too. So much for them trying to cover it! Maybe it is because he is a young male .
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Clean the floor first. I use a mix of 1/4 cup each of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and a squirt of dish soap and dilute to 1 qt with warm water. This will foam up so use a large container. Put this on the floor and let it soak in and dry. Then put down tin foil to cover the area and put the liter box on top.

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This is a 6 year old thread.
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