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New here :-)

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Hi, I am Susan. Mom to 4 kids, 3 dogs and 1 kitty. We live in Missouri. The cat is female and I think she is a Manx. She has just a stub for a tail and her back legs are longer then her front. She is a little thing not sure how old she is or much about her. She walked in our front door a few weeks ago and won't leave she had no collar or tags, we think neighbors down the street had her but they don't care for their pets they have had 3 dogs since we moved in this past may and only have 1 left and they don't care what happens, I have seen cats down there but nothing recently. We live out of the city limits and there is no animal control to call. Her name is Camaro (I didn't name her) she is mostly white with black splotches on her. She is about 3-4lbs. We have her eating Solid Gold food (which I got from the pet store free since I buy that brand for the dogs I think they felt sorry for me) oh 2 of my puppies are 10 week old great danes. I haven't had a cat in years not since I lived at home and then I had 2. So it has been many many years. Camaro rules the house she lets everyone know when she wants to play and sleeps on my bed when she doesn't. Other odd thing about her is she loves the shower. Anyone that gets in she is right there joining you (very strange). When I can figure out how to post pictures I will and hope someone can tell me what she might be, well besides a lovey kitty. Thanks
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Hi Susan, welcome to TCS. Camaro sounds like my Domino, she made herself at home with us two years ago and is one of the best pets we've ever had!

Enjoy the forums!
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Hello and Welcome!
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welcome to the cat site you will become addicted i sure did its a great site...I cant wait to see photos of ur fur family !!! I myself have a manx too !! My manx is Stormie and she can be quit halarious although she is a biiiiig cat lol and she is going to get even bigger she is 5 motnhs and she looks like a small full grown cat..wonder how big she will actually get lol !! Cant wait to see u on the forums!!
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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome, Camaro and Susan,

to TheCatSite! THANK YOU for adopting Camaro - she sounds like a lovely little girl and I'm sure everyone here hopes you will read the Sticky's at the top of the page of posts and learn about posting photos.

We live in the Mojave Desert in a tiny community not far from the mountains -- so we get the best of both environments. There are 9 felines, all rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered of course! plus one human servant, four hens, and lots and lots of wildlife -- rabbits, rats, kangaroo rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, lizards, snakes, birds and insects. It's quite amazing out here. Our family has grown by two since we moved here -- we adopted Maryam and Baby Suha out here. Both were homeless and needed us almost as much as we need them!
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Thank you everyone. I hope I have this right as pictures if not then I am sooo sorry. If so then yeah me

I put a remote in the pic to show how small she is. Any clues as to age?
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Hi Susan,

Welcome to TCS

I'm LuLu, I have two kittens called Max & Billy

Hope you enjoy being a member of TCS
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Awww she is adorable and looks like one of the kittens at my barn. I don't know the breed as I am new to cats myself but I just love your girl. I think she picked you because she knew you will take care of her. Welcome to this board it's a forum with ton of people and great information. I have been here for a short time as I am new myself and learned a ton already. I have a lot to learn since my 3 kittens are the only cats I have ever owned. Nice meeting you and your kitty.
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What a Doll!! She looks like she rules the house!! You will find so much on TCS. Information and friends are in every turn! See you on the forums! Don't be a stranger just nose right in to every thread!

Welcome To TCS!!
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hello and a warm welcome from Spain and my 3 kits. It great here, theres lots to do and see.......oh and we have a bit of fun now and then
aww. ..Camero is a lovely name and what a know I dont think Iร‚ยดve seen a kitty with more white than black ummmm........she is a beauty and I cant see her tail, does she have one ?
Well enjoy the forums and we look forward to more photos
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OMG what a beauty Camaro is Welcome to both you and her to TCS. Do you have any pics of your Great Dane puppies? I would love to see those, too
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She has no tail. Just a stub that is less then an inch long. Here is the puppies.. This one is Lola she is mine, she only looks really boney because of the way she is sitting there. And this is Belle she is my other halfs. They are sisters and 10 weeks old at this time. These pictures were taken 10 days ago.

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OMG what precious puppies Thank you for sharing them
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Dear Susan:

Camaro is a DOLL!!! And yes, she does look Manx-y -- I can tell because her legs are so long and she does indeed look like a "stumpy" (that's what they call Manx cats with tiny stubby tails). You must be one proud Meowmy to have such an adorable little girlcat!
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Welcome to TCS to you and your crew. Wow! Your furbabies are adorable!

If you need any help finding your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username & send me a private message. I'll do whatever I can to help you.
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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awe they are alll a bunch of cuties
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to the site!
We are so glad that you have joined us If you need any help as you make your way around the forums, please let me know by sending me a private message. Simply click on my user name. I will be happy to help in any way I can
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Hi Susan. Welcome to TCS. You will love it here. Your babies are adorable.
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Welcome to TCS, your kitty is beautiful, I'm glad she found you. Your dogs are adorable
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