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Triple Oxalate Crystals

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Hi All!!

I'm new to the forum...actually found it while searching the web for information.

I found a little stray orange male tabby in September, approximately five weeks old at the time. Since then, Grace (long story about the girly name) has had three urinary tract infections and has been to the vet four times for antibiotics. This last trip, they took a urine sample, and the vet called yesterday to tell me the first test was back. Grace has triple oxalate crystals, and the vet wants him on Science Diet.

Years and years ago, I had another male cat with recurring urinary track infections, and he hated Science Diet (of course, at that time, I don't think the vet ever mentioned crystal, much less, what type...and I didn't have the internet to do my own research either!).

Anyway, back to the point, Grace, bless his little heart, eats like a pig. I can't seem to fill him up. His main diet right now is Fancy Feast wet (which someone had compared to Big Mac value meal in nutrition, YIKES). He eats table scraps (loves them). He does eat some dry (Fancy Feast), but usually he just nibbles what my other male doesn't eat (Spike, the other male cat, thankfully isn't affected with urinary problems).

I've been searching since the phone call from the vet yesterday for information...and there is a lot of it! So if anyone is willing to help, I have a few questions!

First, I stumbled upon a site that advocated a raw food diet for cats with this problem. Using their recipe, you mix raw meat, liver, salmon capsules, water and their supplement together and feed. When mixed, the food contains the following analysis: Protein 13.6 g, fat 10.9g, carb 0.5g, fiber 0.3g, ash 0.8 g, ca 532.9 mg, mg 19.4 mg, p 360.7 mg, vit C 3.9 mg, thiamin 3.6 mg, riboflavin 3.8 mg, niacin 7.7 mg, pantothenic acid 4.8mg, vit b-6 3.6 mg, folate 62.5 mg, B-12 5.5 mg, vit a/retinol 1580 IU, vit E (mg_ATE) 97.8, and taurine 140 g by supplementation.

How does that stack up for nutrition??

Second, its my understanding that crystals in the urine of felines is a relatively recent occurrence (in the last 20 years or so) due to supplementation in mass produced cat foods. If that is true, then wouldn't feeding my cat home cooked foods alleviate the problem of crystals occurring? And if that's true, then does anyone make cat vitamins that are balanced with proper levels of mag and ash so that I could still give him his nutritional requirements while feeding him food that doesn't hurt him?

I don't care how much something costs for Grace, or how much trouble it is to make. I just want him healthy and happy. For me personally, I've never considered Science Diet to be a very good product (and I know that others do, which is fine, to each his own). But I'm looking for alternatives here. So any help, recommendations, or advice is appreciated.

Oh, and just in case anyone wants to look at the raw food recipe, its located here: Recipe

Grace's Mommy
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I like raw diets but I STRONGLY ADVISE finding a LIKE minded VET to help ...

Many companies make RXS which I STRONGLY urge you to try first with that type of crystal ... Waltham / IVD /Royal canin make rxs that dont make me want to umm after seeing the ingrediants as does Purina..
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