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Psychic Cat

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Okay Guys, You'll NEVER believe this! I think my cat is psychic.

The other night I was just sitting in my LaZyboy watching CSI:Miami and Mooky (my Persian) came to tell me that I was going to meet a man in the upcoming week. Well, 2 days later I was walking down the hall of my apartment building when I came across a MAIL MAN (get it - MALE, MAN?!). Anyway, he smiled at me and said, 'hi.' I immediately ran into my apartment and grabbed Mooks - she just smiled, purred and said, "I told you so." The next day I saw him again, this time he stopped and asked me if I had gotten my MAIL (get it MALE?!) and any packages!!!!!. OMG.

Well, I've always had a feeling that Mooker was psychic. It started about 6 months ago when were watching that Bobby Brown show - she predicted that Whitney and Bobby would soon be breaking up - and we all know what happened there?! I also had a dream one night that Mooky told me that K-Fed and Brit would be splitting - that happened the very next day!? Mookers does have a penchant for the celebrity gossip! I recently sent her resume into Star, so we'll see what happens there. I was thinking her column could be called, "Mooky the Mystical Cat." I thought it was pretty cute and so did my friend Sheila...but that was after a few glasses of strawberry wine , so we'll see if Star likes it...

I guess the point of writing this is to see if there are any other Psychic Cats out there. I've always thought Cats had special powers of the mind, but maybe I'm the only one out there like that.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all!

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Wow! Mooky is indeed mystical. I bet she would make a great TV hostess and look forward to seeing her do her thing on TV.

Mika is great at "speaking" to us but only if it's to ask for treats and Bijou really only "talks" when he wants to go outside. Other than that they are pretty darn quiet for Meezers.
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Amazing! I look forward to more Mooky Predictions!
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oooooooooo I need to ask Mooky a few things.
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Next: CSI Mooky
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Yeah, I like the sound of that - CSI: MOOKer BOOKer
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I saw a show once about a woman who had this very very primtive abilty to talk telepathicly to animals of all kinds. This probably is in my opinion( if you beleive in evolution) a relic stemming from Homid days when humans lived by the law of the wild themselves (think 2 million years ago!) Her name was Sona the pet physic. She was a gifted woman, strange but gifted. Very compassionate and kind, not a bad or scary person at all. I think everyone can do this its just really really hard because we are tamed out of it as we grow up. (Blinking eyes to a cat is a good place to start for anyone interested it means a thank you or gradatute) Physic cats probably do exist, and they ways are very very forn to science and to the human realm of thought. Cats have a comletely differnt veiw of the world and their emotions are very very different then people. I was reading a book that told me cats cannot feel ashamed or guilty or if they do its very very mild and that they NEVER have two emtions about the same thing the way humans do. Example. love a cat doesn't love a human and hate a human at the same the way you might feel about a friend. He/she may hate what you are doing at the time but then they quickly snap out of it and go back to loving their brains cannot dwell on two feelings the way ours can. ( again my opinion)
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