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I'm so jealllllous! I can hardly get my s/o to cut the grass, let alone cook breakfast. On the other hand, he WILL cook dinner as I am stove,pot and pan dysfunctional and can't cook boiling water. But just once, I'd like to have something hot for breakfast(and not have to go to Harddes or McDonalds to get it!)
BTW: that harness you got, does it make your cat hack? I got the harness yesterday and put it on Twig,(fits very well but the lock thingy doesn't work does yours?) So I just thought I was stupid and not using it right so off we go outdoors. He was in Heaven! But everytime he pulled a little bit, it'd start to tighten up and he'd start to hack like he was coughing up a furball, so I'd quickly move closer to him so he'd stop. I am not sure I like that. Maybe I have a defective one?? I really dont' want to hurt him just so he can go outside. It's not worth it. I'd rather take him out and hold on to the two parts of his breakaway collar so he doesn't get away that way.
Help! Am I harness dysfunctional as well?
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You have to make sure that the slide is locked. That way, when the cat pulls, the pressure is under the front legs and chest.

Rowdy loves going outside. She rolls over and over and I have to unwrap her, from the leash. At first, she didn't want to leave the patio but, we have now patrolled the entire perimeter of the backyard. She wants to go out, all the time, now. We have to be really careful, going in and out. She's a lot younger and faster than we are!
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How do you get the side lock thingy to lock? does it do it automatically? or do you actually have to do it?
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Mine has a little slide latch on it. I have to hook it, with a fingernail and cinch it down tight.
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mine does too but it doesn't move at all. maybe I am putting it on wrong?
I put the loop over Twigs head, then thread the golden latch under his front legs then latch it on the thingy that has lock on it.
but my lock doesn't move at all. Think I should get another one?
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Sometimes, it is hard to move. Rub a bar of soap on it, to make it move smoothly.
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Thanks! I'll try that and let you know how it works(if it does)
well now that we all know I am harness dysfunctional... LOL!
I'll let ya know..
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