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Very Strange Thing

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You may think I am crazy but I have a feeling cats understand what you are talking about. Every day for the past 3 weeks since I had Twinkie in the same room with the boys all three of them snuggle with me at around 4:00am. Well I don’t wake up until 6:00am so they keep rubbing on me and walking all over me than finally fall asleep and than few hours later I have to get up. It’s gotten to a point that I cannot sleep with these guys parking on me. So last night I set all three of them down and I am amazed I actually was able to do that and I had a little conversation with them. I told them they need to stop doing this every night or at least start it 10 minutes before I have to wakeup. All three of them set there staring at me than looked at each other and went to play again. Well guess what?! They didn’t bother me until 5:45am this morning. I could not believe that. It’s amazing. Anyone thinks I am crazy or had an experience with their cats/kittens like this? I am absolutely amazed by that.
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I believe it! I have talked to my cats many times and they understood and did what I was asking. It amazes me, too!
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Mine understand...they just do their own thing anyway.
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Mine are setting up to take their orals for their PhD's in the spring :-)! They are SO much better at communicating than we are! Scarey!
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My Gizmo understands me very well. She will pay attention when I ask her to be quiet, often comes when she is called, and if I say 'go over and eat your dinner/check that out', she will.
And she knows when I am talking about her on the phone!
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