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Please check this out. Santa Baby

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I found this girl on YouTube, and I think she's amazing. I think she has just what it takes to be a star. I sent a link to this song to Jimmy Kimmel in hopes he will check her out as well. She has a lot of video's on YouTube that she has made by herself with the help of Karoke (sp) CD's.

Anyway can you check her out and see what you think of her. She reminds of someone from old Hollywood, from back in the 30's 40's or 50's.
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whaaa, I can't see youtube at work.....whaaaaa!
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I agree she is good! Someone will find her as big a youtube is. She sounds a lot like Eartha Kitty in that song too!
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I LOVE IT!!!!! That is so cool that you sent the link to Jimmy Kimmel. What if she becomes famous all because of you, Hope? awwwwwwwww
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She is awesome!! And yes, she does remind me of a 50's girl.
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I hope she does get discovered, she has a lot more talent than some of the blonde bimbo's who are big stars out now. If you check out some of her other video's, you can hear that she can sing the blues. She's definately got a lot more going for her musically than Britney, and I think she's cute as well, and she has a lot of charisma that comes across on the screen, at least I think so.
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Oh my, the female counterpart to Harry Connick Jr?
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She's so good, and very cute! I hope he gets discovered! She's got an amazing voice for sure!

Did you check our her other songs she has on there too Hope? She's so talented!
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I forgot to mention she's a cat person, as well. She has a black and white cat, and her kitty is crawling all over her when she's performing Jingle Bell Rock. She had to stop during that one. It was cute.
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She has a great voice, I hope she does well.
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I just glanced at Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. She's holding her cat in that one too. Too cute! I hope something becomes of your email to Jimmy Kimmel, Hope.
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I loved her cover of "Love Me Two Times" that one her voice had a Chrissy Hynde quality to it.
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She is good!!
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She sounded a lot like the original, I thought she as lip-syncing until later on in it. And I watched the one with the cat too!!
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Not only is she cute and talented she has a presence as well. Her voice is original and she seems to do her own thing.

Plus she is owned by a cat!
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this chick is awesome, very original!!
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She's good...she did Diamond's are a girls best friend too and it's great!!! I love her eyes!!
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