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Eww...a mouse

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Theres a mouse crawling around my ceiling. If you saw my post before about my ceiling when it collasped, then you will know what it looks like. This what happened for those of you who dont know. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=ceiling

Anyways, we kept hearing this noise and finally last night we noticed it was a little mouse running around on the plastic. It has chewed a couple of holes and now I am afraid it is going to fall through. My cats are all indoor cats so I don't know what they would do if it came through. My parents cat Sara that recently passed away would have ate it.

I am so creeped out at the thought of a mouse running around the house.
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aww mice are kinda sweet!

but i wouldn't realy want one running around the house, unless it was a pet lol
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I think they are cute, but they are creepy. After I posted that, I noticed that its not one mouse...its 3 or 4.
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Duke want's to come over and play with your mice!
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If you're like me, and don't want to hurt the litter critters, get a humane trap--Walmart has them for a couple of dollars, and catch the little guys and release them (away from your home). I've had tons of mice in my house--even found a mouse graveyard in a closet wall once (long story). Once you get rid of the ones you have, get an ultrasonic mouse deterrent unless you have pet rodents. It doesn't bother cats or dogs, but supposedly keeps mice, spiders, and I think cockroaches away. I've had mine for a few months and my kitchen mouse trap has been empty since I plugged it in. Unfortunately they can't hear it if they're in the walls. There has been one in my bedroom wall driving me crazy at night.
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Lily keeps my house free of critters. Shes been indoor only since I got her as a feral at 6 weeks. I think that if the mice come down then they wont last long.
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