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Vibes for my friend Laura...

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We met last year through work, she was on a work placement because of ill health trying to get her back into the workplace. We immediately had a good relationship. She grew up in Laborador City, Laborador. I had another friend that was from there and it turns out they went to the same highschool. Laura is also engaged to a guy I went to Highschool with so we had so many things in common.
I got a call late last night from my friend Laura, she had been to see the doctor in Montreal and it wasn't good news. Her brain tumor has returned and is growing. She has been having more frequent siezures and masive headaches. I have been worried for her. We went to a preformance of "Peter and the Wolf" by the local Chamber orcestra and she had a grand mal seizure. I know what to do when this happens but that is what prompted the visit to the doctor.

Please send vibes to my freind Laura and pray that the tumor will stop growing. I am hoping for the best and I know that the hopes of all my friends at the TCS will help!
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oh tons & tons of healthy healing (((((((vibes )))))))) coming Lauras way
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Sending vibes from Mississippi.
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Lots of vibes from the UK
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Get well vibes from Florida!! Please keep us updated.
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I'm sorry about your friend. May God and his Angels help her during this time.
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Sending out vibes for ((((((((( Laura )))))))))))))
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