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vaccines, again

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When I got my two kittens vaccines on 11/16, I felt it made them sick. I really don't want to give vaccines ever again. Yet, the vets I have contacted will not spay when the time is right if they are not up to date on vaccines. Also, they have been sneezing. It stopped for a while but it's happening again, so they are going to the vet either tom. or at the latest Saturday. Am I making it worse to not worry about vaccines right now, take care of their colds and then if I must, just start the series over. Will the old vaccine have dissipated or will it be like putting a bunch of germs in their bodies. Please help, I am driving my boyfriend, crazy. Also, what is the normal growth rate for a cat. How much should they be growing in a month, in terms of size and weight. Should they have gained a half pound, a pound, or more. my boyfriend swears they are not growing. But despite all this, they are very active, eat a lot, drink, and make great companions. TIA!!
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What sort of sickness did they get after the vaccines?

Lethargy, reduced appetite, and joint pain (if they had the calcivirus vaccine) for 24 to 36 hours after the vaccine is given is perfectly normal, not at all serious, and to be expected. (Like when I get the flu vaccine I feel tired and dizzy for a day after).

If it was more serious than that, you should discuss the reactions with your vet. Personally I think that if it was just the 'normal' lethargy that I described above, they should at least get the kitten shots and boosters, and the one a year later, as long as they are indoor cats.

You can also ask your vet to do the separate vaccines on different days rather than all at once, if you are worried about overloading their immune systems all in one go.

Isn't the Rabies vaccine required by law in the US? If so you at least HAVE to have that done!
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yup, the rabies is. they already space is out, like every 4 weeks for 3x they get the kitten 3pk[you know the 3 all in one booster], I think I am just scared. mostly because about a month ago, one had a really runny stool which seemed worse after the dewormer for the first week, but now is okay. but my dumb azz washed and soaked the kitten right after the vaccine [not THINKING!!!!!] and so the sneezes began. They have been thru too much with their stupid owner , me , I just don't want things to get worse. Sure now I know better, and they are playing, eating, and fine when they aren't sleep, usually alive when were are sleep, dead to the world when we are up, but I just get scared, I want the best. I can afford the 'normal' care, but extra tests, just to say everything is okay, I can't, I just get scared, and don't want to make things worse. They are perfect companions:

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Aww they are really cute

I understand your fear and worry, and you are not stupid at all, you care for these little guys a lot I can tell that

Runny stool after worming is quite common, as long as it is a 'one off' thing and doesn't continue that is OK.

I would have them to the vet to have their sneezing looked at anyway, if it has not cleared up yet - they might have an upper respiratory infection which may need antibiotics.

And sorry I forgot to say Welcome to TCS
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Thanks. I think for now I will concentrate on the sneezing. Is it dangerous to start the series of vaccinations again, even though they were already exposed?

A vet nurse told me if they weren't kept right on target every 4 weeks, the series would need to be started again. is this bad? thanks again. I will do the right thing with the vaccs once I get their sneezes taken care of.

tomorrow or sat. prob. saturday as it is hard to get their during the week. I like this place better than the old. 30 bucks per exam and it just seems more promising than a quickie in/out clinic which is what I dealt with before, and what seems cheap initially isn't always the case. okay, I digress. no names no slander no libel sorry!
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