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Declawing this cat will only make it frightened and angry. Since it's already pretty stressed out, it's better to rehome it and get the immuno-compromised person a new, quiet pet that won't run around on the floor. Any children visiting the pet should be instructed not to scream at it or frighten it, no matter what it is.
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Declawing a cat at this age will only increase the negative behaviors that it is already displaying. The only cats that seem to be okay behavior wise with declawing are ones that had it done as kittens, not that I am in favor of declawing kittens either. I just don't think it is a viable option at all for an older cat.
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it is funny, everytime I come to this site, and even look at this threat, maggie is in my lap looking as well. Personally, I am of the opinion to exhaust all other options including a vet visit, before looking at this option. That includes rehoming. I am the type of person that tries everything in my power to correct a situation before going to an extreme as one being discussed here.

Suzie was declawed when I got her, and even though she had no claws, she did try to scratch the furniture. Even though I admit it was nice that she had no claws, it was done before I got her, so it never really crossed mt mind. Maggie, I have to teach to no use her claws as much, but seeing as I have only had her a few days (this being day 4), that training will come over time. But i will not declaw her, the potential harm far outweighs the benefits IMO.

Please, for the cats sake, look at the other options, and go from there. If worst comes to worst, rehome the cat, but exhaust all other options before using extreme measures. I personally use less intrusive methods, and progress to more intrusive as the others are not working if necessary. I do not use the most severe right off the hop if a less severe option is available nad will work.
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I have not read the whole thread so this may have been asked already. Has the owner had these problems for the 10 yrs she owned it? If so has it always acted this way? If so why is this a problem now, what has changed to create this problem?

In any event no I would not declaw the cat. I think either re-homing the cat or teaching the woman how to clip the claws is a more appropriate course of action.

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The owner was elderly and whose skin didn't heal properly from the scratches? Softclaws didn't work.

The owner has AIDS or is in other ways immunocompromised and loves the cat but cannot keep it with claws due to risk of infection.

The cat is attacking small children

The cat is very aggressive and feliway and other methods have not helped

the owner wants to euthanize due to scratching behavioral problems
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