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Any TCS vibes available for cat lover burned in fire??

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Can anyone spare some {{{prayers and vibes}}} for a cat rescuer who is in critical condition with 3rd degree burns incurred when her house burnt down?
Sadly, the San Jose fire dept. was unable to save any of her 12 rescued cats
None of the articles that I read gave her name; maybe for the best, as people are so quick to label someone a "crazy cat lady", and sometimes that leads to misfortunate behavior against the person and their cats.
I also emailed Ms. Marisa Lagos of the San Francisco Chronicle requesting a follow-up story. Surely the kind Bay Community will rally forth and help this woman out, perhaps with a fund to help with medical expenses, transportation to future recovery appts., replace her home, etc.
I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that the woman recover, she does much to help stray animals. Susan
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How sad. I will certainly pray for this lady and send out {{{{{healing vibes}}}}} to her.
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How awful! lots of vibes that she makes a quick and total recovery
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That poor woman. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Many prayers going out I could not imagine losing 12 cats like that
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12 cats! OMG, I would be devastated!

Lots and lots of vibes going her way!
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Oh how sad and at this time of year I am sending my thoughts and prayers across the water to wish this lady all the best for a quick recovery
RIP Little Special Darlings - you are with your new fur-family now and the love from below will make you smile

As a very sad reminder
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Oh God how awful ((((((mega healing vibes))))))) heading the poor souls way
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Oh my goodness...That just brings tears to my eyes...many {{{{speedy healing vibes}}}} and prayers being sent her way. Play happily over the bridge rescue kitties...
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)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
My prayers and good wishes to her for her soon recovery!
What a brave action of her! I mean to take to those feral kittys....
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that is so very sad and tragic, especially around the holidays....

I am sending lots of luck, wishes, & prayers for her, and her little 's.....God bless this woman, and RIP babies, I'm sure you brought your momma world's of joy and you will be missed terribly....

(and a moment for us all to be thankful for our furry loved ones, to be grateful that we have them in our lives to love )
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Many many prayers for a speedy hospital recovery. RIP kitties
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OMG, how awful.........peace and prayers go to her and all her sweet kitties!
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Sending vibes this special lady's way from Mississippi.

I would also go into a burning building after a animal. I woud do the same thing for a human. People have told me I would be crazy for doing this, but I wouldn't give it a second thought.
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OMG what a tragedy! Healing vibes from Michigan to this wonderful woman, and RIP sweet kitties!
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That's horrible, healing vibes from London.

RIP little kitties
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I hope she gets better soon, such a compasionate hearted person needs as much support as we can give!
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I hope she is better soon! Healing vibes for not onlyher body, but her heart as well. I cannot imagine loosing my cats, I feel horrible she lost hers. Poor thing. She is going to have a special place at Rainbow Bridge when her time comes. What a great woman.
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How aweful!!! ((((Vibes))) She is in my prayers and thoughts.
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Bless her heart and all those sweet babies in Heaven now. I will remember her in my prayers.
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Sending good recovery vibes to her from myself and the herd.((())))
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OMgoodness~~12 cats?? And they couldnt save any of 'em??

Many hugs and vibes being sent to her.....that is just so so sad.
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That is very sad! I read the article from the link, not much detail Wonder how it started? Can't imagine what those poor cats experienced!!!!!!
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