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Doesn't want to be inside

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My cat, Waffles, is a year old (will be 2 in April). I rescued his mother when she was pregnant and he was born in my house. He's well socialized, loves everyone and is just a great cat. I moved out of the house when he was 7 months old and he stayed with my mother for a few months. About 6 months ago, I brought him here to live with me. I live on a farm now with 15 acres and a big barn. Waffle Cat has ALWAYS been an indoor cat and never went outside a day in his life. Well, about a week ago I went outside and he really wanted to follow me. I let him go out on the porch and he just sat there looking around. I let him explore a little with me watching closely and then took him back in about 20 minutes later. I guess that was where I made a mistake because now he wants out ALL the time and won't stay in. He howls and paces and tries to throw himself against the window or tear up the screen to get out. He stays close when he's outside, never wanders off or anything. But I feel like a bad mommy for him being outside. He loves it though, but I'm still worried about him. Any suggestions?
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certainly, a lot of people let their cats outside! If you're really concerned about him wandering off or getting hurt, you could get him a harness and leash, then at the SAME TIME EVERYDAY, put the harness on and tie the leash to a post or something, this way he gets to be outside, out of harms way, and you can easily keep an eye on him. Letting him out at the same time everyday will get him used to the routine and lessen the chance of him constantly begging to go outside! GL, HTH!
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If he's not neutered, then he'll run off to find a female - just hope a car doesn't find him first. I don't mean to be harsh here, but you're really tempting fate and there's no need as he's used to being inside - just 'put up with' a few days of whining if necessary because you want him to continue to be healthy and live a long time. But DO get him neutered.
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Is he neutered? If not, get him done ASAP. Whole males want outside to roam/mate.

If he's neutered, then you have a few choices:

1. Train him to a harness/leash and take him outside for a walk or to just sit for awhile.

2. Build or buy a large cat enclosure for some time to sit outside - you can put a carrier and tree branches/logs inside for fun.
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He is neutered... has been since he was 5 months old. And he's fully vaccinated and wormed as well.
I don't think he'd wander off.. he pretty much stays in the barn or laying on top of an outside table basking in the sun or watching the birds. We live way out in the country and have lots of acreage. I do keep an eye on him constantly.. I just feel badly because he's always been indoors and I feel like I'm being irresponsible letting him out. Then again, he loves it so much I don't want to deny him that either.
I will try the harness and leash and also get him used to a routine for being outside. Thanks!
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Well its sounds like you live in a safe place and if you are happy to let him out and I bet he will be - let him out. All my kitts go out
He´ll will be careful to start off with, what they normally do is sort of track out, sniffing all the time, returning home, then venturing further each time, this can happen over a number of days. The circle of the track will get bigger and bigger, he will always know where he is, cos he will leave his own smell about.
He will have a great time and you will have a great time watching him enjoying and exploring his environment............oh and he might catch the odd mouse or two
Good Luck and let us know what you decide............cos lets face it, he´s will still try to go out and could sneak out without you knowing and then you´ll really be worried. If you monitor him over a period of a couple of weeks, you will feel more settled and comfortable knowing how he is outside
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If he is a farm cat, he should be ok. Once you let them outside, they have an urge to be out there because it is less monotonous than being inside. Also, he will probably start killing all kinds of pests, rodents, ect...

15 Acres is a large amount of territory. If your house is near a road which is traversed by cars, that would be my only concern.

That and poisonous snakes...
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There is a road but not real close... and the majority of "traffic" is tractors and combines.
As for poisonous snakes, they really are not a concern. We've got tiny garter (sp?) snakes, and the only poisonous ones known in our area are water moccasins.. and there's not a bit of water nearby.
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what i would do though , if you do decide to go with a harness , then i would strongly suggest that he is never left unattended , he could tangle him self up or if a problem was to arise such as a dog snake or any other harmfull thing he will not be able to run and hide . i know you have probley thought about that anyway , but i thought i would just add it
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I agree with taking him out on a harness & leash at the same time every day. Only 2 of my cats like to go out, they know the routine and don't bother me at any other times of the day.

Now, my sisters cats have a cat door and are free to come and go as they please in the daytime, which is the norm in Australia, they don't leave the garden and seem to spend about 80% time inside by their own choice.
Apparently they used to go out more, but sort of got over it and decided they liked to stay inside most of the time with the occasional trip to lay in the sun.
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