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The OTHER Emergency Vet

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Though not a cat item, this is strange enough that I thought you might enjoy it.

Today's Wall St. Journal has a front page article on surgeons who operate on pet fish. Fish ownership is "growing faster than dogs, cats, lizards, or any other pet type, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association."

It's really an interesting article, but too long to insert here. This is the link to where you can read it online:


Read it soon. Tomorrow that link will probably go to a article in tomorrow's WSJ.
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All I get is something to sign to the WSJ and I dont' have a subscription...
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Oops, I thought that was a public link. I'll look for another one.
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There is a public Wall Street Journal site that has a link to the article about people now sending their pet fish to the vet for surgery. However, as you've already found out, that link requires a log-in/password to connect to it. I tried every other internet news server/search engine I could think of to find an alternate site with that article. I failed miserably. Sorry about that.

The article IS too long to post here, aside from any copyright considerations.

If you're out today and can browse through your local book store or get to your public library, you can probably find a Wall Street Journal. The article begins on the front page, column 4 and is continued in 3 columns on page A6. It's a fun, informative article to read.
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