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Morning Madness

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I must say I love my cats so much, so I am seeking help please.

I have two boys, litter mates, they get along great. We adopted them 5 months ago, they are now 9 months old. They are both well behaved, full of energy and extremely loving. They are regular lap cats and follow us around the house.

Here is my problem: one sleeps in bed most of the night, he has made the bed his territory. The other one, my problem child, sleeps until 5 am and then loses his mind, he makes all sorts of noise, attacks our bedroom shades and continues dispite our saying "no", "stop", or spraying water. I am unsure what to do, he doesnt make noise at all, until 5 am each day, he has food, toys, etc. Any advice would be great
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I have a "problem child" too! He gets the "midnight crazies" and as soon as the clock strikes 12, he finds it in his goal to leap to the top of the door jam for our x-mas cards.....you wouldn't know the racket a 4lb kitten can make on a hardwood floor at midnight!

I have no advice......the thing is, I get up to scold him, and he purrs right back at me, with a look of "oh momma! your awake! I'm soooo happy to see you!"
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and the other thing he's learned this 1st holiday, is to bite the candies off of the gingerbread house.....then smack the jaw breakers onto the hardwood floor and then chase them around like a wild lunatic..... you can imagine how loud that is too right?
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Yep sounds like my Jordan He's 3 now & I wish he would wait until 5 AM to get crazy. I did find that feeding wet food at night time meal instead of dry food has helped his behavior. Jordan likes to knock things off the dressers & open the bathroom cabinet & drawers. Any kind of noise that will wake Mom. Jordan like your cat does not respond to the water bottel. As a matter of fact he thinks it is a fun game to try to catch the stream of water in his mouth. That said I have to say that 9 months old is young. I would guess he will out grow some of this. The first thing that came to my mind is are they neutered? Nuetering will come them down some. Another thing I do that works often enough to help me get extra sleep is to keep "special" toys in my night stand. For example he loves his toy Da Fur Thing. I made it special by keeping it in a drawer and only giving it to him once in a while (especially at night when I need sleep). This does sort of encourage the crazies by rewarding him with a toy, but it also keeps him busy long enough to let me get some extra sleep. I was told to ignore him completely, but I'm sure you know how hard that is to do. Ignoring him is always an option, supposedly they will stop doing what they are doing. Jordan just gets in my face & becomes more sassy. Sorry I don't have any difinitive answers, but just remember to enjoy his youth because he will be an old man before you know it!
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I don't have any suggestions, but I can sure sympathize. I have two cats who start the crazies around 4:00 a.m. like clockwork. I had to laugh (kind of) at the hardwood floors statement. I recently had laminate flooring put in to replace carpet and oh my, my two sound like a herd of elephants jumping off the bed and running down the hallway. I had kind of trained myself to sleep through the crazies when I had carpeting, but I am now just trying to ignore them.
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