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Today is my day off and I got a call from work - the company closed down the Pueblo CO center, due to the storm and re-routed their calls to our center. They were calling all of the off people to come in and pick up the slack. Since this is my only day, to take care of business, I declined the overtime.

Stay safe and warm, Heidi.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Don't ever say that again
I don't have to shovel a path so am quite happy to stay inside til the plows take care of it, but I promise I will never say it again
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I don't have to shovel a path so am quite happy to stay inside til the plows take care of it, but I promise I will never say it again
Hubby had to do the work of shoveling the walks.

Even with the snow blower he took over an hour and then had to go out again an hour later to keep up with it.
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I just opened the garage door! 12" since I got home at 3:00. I guess there's about 18" in the backyard. The snow comes up to Shadow's (the lab's) belly, and JD's head just sticks up out of the trench that Shadow makes! And no sign of stopping.
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I hate snow...but I like it around Christmas...its been so warm then it gets cold and back and forth I wish mother nature would make up her mind about this It is so pretty when it snows...its just too cold and I hate cold and and really hot weather I just would like a white christmas rather than a rainy one and thats what they are calling for here ...now tho we are at least in the 40's warm compared to what it should be lol...
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Stay safe, you guys!
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Do you guys have a bet on for a White Christmas?

That's a lot of snow! Brrrrr!

Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
we don't get snow! all we get is this thick fog!

You live up North too then! We do get snow, but never anything as much as that!! (thankfully! )
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What's going on today with you guys????
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So far we have power, and lots of snow. Most everything shut down yesterday. I'm not sure about today though after all of the cars getting stuck last night on the highways, I doubt the commute would be good. I'm fortunate that I can work from home. The kitties seem to like that also. They were all hanging out here in the computer room with me yesterday.

Front Yard

Back Yard with 4 ft drifts

And Poor hubby shoveling the walks again (there was 4-5 inches that fell overnight)
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Oh my word, look at that snow!!!!
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all i can say is

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Glad you are all safe, the snow is pretty but I'm sure your sick of it by now!
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Tucson is getting a cold blast - 27 when I got up this morning. We keep OUR snow 30 miles away, up on the mountains.
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I'm happy to hear you folks are safe and sound. You sure got a blast of snow yesterday. We would like some here so we could have a white Christmas. Apparently we are going to be fairly warm for Christmas (+7 C).

Stay safe.
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Stay safe you guys!

After watching the national news at 4:00 a.m. (couldn't get back to sleep) and seeing how hard you've been hit, I'm not so jealous anymore.
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So how much snow did all of your Coloradan's wind up with?

(we had 2 inches of rain in our rain gauge, which if it had been colder, would be about 28" of snow)
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Happy to hear that you guys are okay. The pictures are beautiful. I love snow, but I love to see it on pics or on tv only.

How cold was it?
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GEEZ! What a bunch of snow!

Better you than us!
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Anyone heard from Heidi today?
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I'm here!

We did lose power for about 3 hours this morning, but we just slept through it since there was no way I was going to work today. Looks like I'll have to tomorrow, though. Darn, I was hoping for a really LONG Christmas break! We just paid some teens from our row of townhomes to dig out both of our cars for just $10.

I'm uploading pics right now and will post them in a bit.

Oh, and to answer Amy's question...Lakewood officially got 30", and this ranks as the 5th biggest snowstorm on record.
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First, here's my car in the parking lot:

Here's the PT Cruiser:

Now you know why we were so happy to pay the kids $10 to dig them both out.

And some prettier pics of the trees:

The highs for the next 5 days aren't supposed to be higher than 36* F, so there is no way all of this will melt. We'll definitely have a white Christmas here!
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Wow! I am freezing and miserable just looking at all that snow! I think I'm gonna make some hot chocolate to warm up!

You will NOT hear me complaining about a lack of snow here!
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OMG look at your car! You guys got a lot of snow. Its so beautiful, but I think Im going to go have to warm up and have a cup of hot chocolate, too.
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30" of snow is pretty impressive! I love it when the trees are covered with snow and look pretty.

$10 was an absolute steal!!!!!!!!
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No fair! Send some of that snow to Memphis please!!! (uhh....you can keep the ice though )
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Love looking at those pictures -- they're so pretty -- but I am beyond delighted that it ain't here. That was a steal you got on the shovelling!!
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We got about 34 inches in Golden, I guess. It took hours for us to shovel out our driveway! The dogs running around the backyard look like seals swimming. They "surface" and then go under, LOL.
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I talked to my friends last night in Englewood and they got about 2 feet. Her brother is visiting from Arizona for Christmas (Phoenix) and I told them they needed to get a picture of his Arizona license plates with all the snow around it. They spent about 3 hours shoveling out yesterday and only got 1 of the 4 cars out (their garage is off an alley and the car they got out was on the street). Brother has to travel down I-25 to get home and isn't sure when he's going to make it.

Their cats wanted to go outside yesterday (she allows them in the fenced back yard under supervision). Jake saw this cool new addition - a snow table and jumped on top of it. He learned really fast the physics of snow. They wished they had a camera to capture the look on his face as he sunk down into the snow. The outside visit didn't last too long.

$10 to shovel snow? What a steal!!
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Colorado even hit the news on t.v. here in the UK this morning.

Heidi and to all of you who have this weather take care
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Wow Heidi!! incredible pictures! looks like you are going to have a white Christmas
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