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UPDATE - Stray Mom & kittens

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As many of you might know my mother was adopted by this sweet stray who "got skinny over night" and within a few weeks brought her 4 kitten. We were able to rescue one girl kitten and finally found a place for another two. A shelter in my area. It's sooooooo tough to find a place during kitten time. Tomorrow I'll try to make and appointment bring in 1 or possibly 2 kittens. We are almost sure that we can get "pretty boy" he is a marble red tabby with Steel Blue eyes (not kitten eyes). My mother seems to have wone his trust. He actually looks for her and when she is outside he runs up purrs his heart out rolls on his back and wants belly rubbs (how cute is that), the sister of the girl we rescued is comming around slowely. But the one that is the most aloof is the (boy/girl??)we call curly - he just dosen't want to warm up at all.

Anyway cross your fingers and wish us luck!!!!!!
They desereve a good home and all the love in the world!!!
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Thanks for the update Helen. You are right, they do deserve good homes and lots of love. Pretty Boy sounds like a dream, I'm sure they won't have any problems finding a furrever home for him!
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That's good news, Helen! I'm so glad you let us know what happened to the babies. We need the lift we get from this kind of story!!
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Those are lucky little fur babes to have you all looking out for them!
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That is so sweet of you to try and find them homes! good luck!
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