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Which ones do you like the most and which ones do you wish you had?

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What stores around you do you frequent the most? Doesn't matter what type of shopping it is? Which stores don't you have around you that you wish you did?
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Target is my store! That is the main place I shop for everything. They have great clothes and accessories. I think the only store we didn't have that i wanted was Kohl's and they just opened up!
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I spend most $ at Petsmart....Target.....Bed Bath & Beyond ( it!!!)....Marshalls....Ross....Kohls....Shoprite...Michael's...and now a Macy's just opened!

I wish I had a Giant grocery store closer....those are SO nice inside. And I wish our Walmart was closer....it's about 20 minutes away, but all the others are only 10 mins away. And I wish we had a super walmart....so I could get my groceries there....but I'd probably go broke there too!
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I wish there was a petsmart here.. I only feed my cat authority and it's at least an hour or more drive to the nearest petsmart.

I would also like an Old Navy and a Macys. And an Olive Garden
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Originally Posted by annabelle33 View Post
I wish there was a petsmart here.. I only feed my cat authority and it's at least an hour or more drive to the nearest petsmart.

I would also like an Old Navy and a Macys. And an Olive Garden
Wow, Pittsburgh doesn't have those????????????
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This might sound odd, I'm in NYC, and every version of any store here is VERY different then elsewhere....I hate it! You can walk 10 blocks and find the same thing at 4 different prices!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I realized that a 4 piece chicken Mc nuggets at Mc Donalds was on the dollar menue.........yet a 6 piece was $2.69!!!! $1.69 extra for 2 more nuggets??!!!!! What's that about?
I also found the same exact earings within 2 blocks of each other, one place $10, the other $20! Yeah, yeah, yeah, one of the fashion capitols....blah, blah, blah...........you can wear it first here, but you can also end up being the only one wearing it regretfully!!!!!!!
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I ahop at Wal-mart almost exclusively, but wish the one in town was a Super, there is a super in the next town over, but I don't feel like driving there and I wanted a Giant Eagle, but they bought the Tops in town so I'm getting my wish there!!
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Hmmmm....for groceries I shop at Trader Joe's or one of the Ma and Pa stores (Carnival or Big Apple Finer Foods). For my cats' food I shop at Dog-a-Holics (yes, I know, but they have a cat-a-holics section too), Barker and Meowsky, 4 Legs or Wigglyville (it's a play on the name of the neighborhood it's in...Wrigleyville). For books and music and DVDs, I go to Borders or Women and Children First Bookstore. There's a Best Buy down the street for Technology needs and a Bed Bath and Beyond for apartment stuff. I buy most of my clothing at the Gap, American Apparel or Old Navy. I get all of my bath stuff at LUSH or I get Burt's Bees stuff at the Parkway Drug.

As far as stores I WISH we had...well, we have anything you could possible want (except for Wal-Mart...well, there is one now, on the edge of the city...but I so wish they would have stayed out of my city!) but I really wish we had a Target that was closer. There's one accessible by like tranferring 2 buses and then walking 3 blocks and there's another that's a 10 minute walk to the El and then a 30 minute train ride and then another 5 minute walk.
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I live in Chicago like Allie does, and I'd have to agree that I can't really think of anything I don't have within an easy distance. I have a car, too, which makes it easier. Even though Chicago is a big city with public transportation there are some areas of the city that are just hard to get to-- I didn't have a car when we first moved here and it was ocassionally difficult!

The only thing we don't have that I would want, as shameful as it is to say, is Chik Fil-A! I grew up in FL and when I moved to NY and then to Chicago the first thing I missed was Chik Fil-A! Although if I had one really near me I'd probably eat it WAY too much!!!
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I wish I had a Target here and even a Sonic (the resturant). I guess I shop the most at Ikea and the Grocery store
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DH and I shop at Wild Oats for all of our food, and I wish we had a Whole Foods. I just need a broader selection on things.

I wish we had an Ikea. I love that place!
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Well I'm in Canada, and I tend to frequent Zellers, LOL, we don't have all those good American stores...hehe!
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Wal-Mart of course, I go there at least once a day.

And our Wal-Mart is a super Wal-Mart so I can go there anytime I want to.

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I do most of my shopping at..... WalMart (its a Super so I do all my grocery shopping there too), Target, Shopko, Victorias Secret, AE, Kohls, Bath & Body, Maurices

I wish we had a Coach outlet
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Add me to the list of those who want a Super Wal-Mart. There's a Wal-Mart down the street, but the town wouldn't allow them to build a Super Wal-Mart. And I wouldn't mind a Wal-Mart near the office. I used to go to the super in Salem NH when I lived on the Mass/NH border.
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I shop mostly at Super Walmart, they have a very broad selection of products. I can get everthing there that I need, from groceries to cleaning supplies, and I don't have to run all over town trying to get everything we need.

We don't have a Target here and that is something I wished we had.
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We have the the third largest Super WalMart in the US about 10 minutes from our house, in Lexington NC, pop. about 20,000! Why it is here, I do not know...

It is HUMONGUS! Lots more stuff than the other Supercenters, and ROOMY! I swear you can get 4 carts down an aisle at once.
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Since Walmart opened I rarely go to Zellers anymore.
But there is ALOT of shops I wish we had but don't, but I go to Toronto a few days a week and can find pretty much everything there
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I might be one of the few that wishes there were NO WALMARTS!!! I will never shop there (long story)
Anyhow I usually grocery shop at a Wisconsin chain called Woodman's Which I think blows Walmart out of the water in terms of selection and price.
However I would really like a Whole Foods!!!
I like Target and TJ Maxx and Talbots too. And Barnes & Noble.
I wish we had a Crate and Barrel and Smith and Hawkens though.
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Hummm...no complaints here at all! Here in Memphis and the outlying cities we have everything we could dream of shopping in- you name it, we usually will have it. So i definitely love that about the area. My favorites are Kohls, Macy's when they have sales, Target, Wal-Mart, Garden Ridge, Dollar Tree, Victorias Secret, TJ Maxx, PetSmart,Petco, Superpetz, HollywoodPetStar, Just Dogs, ALLLLLL of our aweosme flower shops and wholesalers (i'm a florist- gotta love that stuff!!!!), The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, Estee Lauder (we have little botuques all over ), Merale Norman, Big Lots, I could go on and on. I love all of our stores around.

The only thing I can think of that I wish we had would be this little makup shop- it's kinda similar to the body shop, that I went to once in Mall of America- I LOVED that place- they had the best lip liner ever- and it was inexpensive. I think it had "botanical" in there somewhere in the name but i could be wrong. I wish we had some place like that here. But other than that, i'm perfectly happy/ I'd also LOVE an awesome Vietnamese resturant closer to Bartlett,TN where colin lives. The closest good one is in midtown Memphis in a rough part of town (haha, colin packs heat everytime we go there )..but it's worth it! They have the best Pho!!!
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I'm at Walmart and Petsmart the most. We have pretty mch every store Ive ever heard of here. So nothing that I can think of.
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We have a WalMart and a super WalMart, I only shop at the regular WalMart, I don't care for the "super one" it's too busy and I prefer to shop at WalMart for other things not groceries. I like Weiss's for groceries. Kmart is another favorite of mine.
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I'm very glad to not have a walmart anywhere near me.

I wish I had a Giant Eagle closer, and a HalfPriceBooks. Other than that, pretty much everything is here, at least every chain with stores in Columbus.

I wish there were a place that sold Zissou's food closer than a halfhour bus ride away but oh well.
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Target and Petsmart here . Love these stores. I wish we had a Fazolis (Italian fastfood chain).
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Originally Posted by Cat Mommy View Post
Target and Petsmart here . Love these stores. I wish we had a Fazolis (Italian fastfood chain).
I like Fazoli's. Their sauce actually tastes good and you get like a gazillion free breadsticks. But it is irritating because my dad insists on calling it "Faz-ee-o's" like there's no l in it at all... drives me nutbar. He also calls Ghirardelli "Gri-hald-ee" and insists that they say it that way in San Francisco... Anyway, every time I see a Fazoli's I can only think of him saying it like that.
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Originally Posted by Cat Mommy View Post
Target and Petsmart here . Love these stores. I wish we had a Fazolis (Italian fastfood chain).
Fazolis is yummy. I love their pizza spaghetti.
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I shop at PetSmart all the time but it's 45 minutes from here so I think I'd like to have one here. And Starbucks, I'd be ten tons(and in debt) if they ever opened one here!
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We rarely go to the shops, the only ones we go to are Whole Foods, Costco and Safeway!!! I LOVVVVE Whole Foods though, they have THE best food! We also go to the Milk Pail Market which has an awesome range of fruit and veg and it's sooooo fresh and cheap!! They also have a great range of cheeses, and little deli type foods. It's a tiny store, but always packed! But now that DH and I both work at a company that provides 3 meals a day for free, we haven't been to a grocery store for 2 weeks...

The only other store I go to regularly is Pet Food Express for the girls' food.

Shops I LOVE browsing in are REI, Ikea, Barnes and Noble and Crate and Barrel (but would never buy anything from there - a friend has bought 2 expensive furniture sets from them, and both sets took forever to arrive and turned up damaged!!).

I also love the downtown area of the little suburbs nearby, they have gorgeous little homeware stores, bookstores, specialty food stores, and things like that which are SO much fun to browse in!

We've only lived in this one area of the US since we've been here, and we have heaps of shops around us, so don't feel as though we're missing out on anything! There's certainly no major Australian things that I can't get over here!
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I'm in Chicago too... In the past I would have said I wished there was a Hot Topic nearby, the closest one was far away but then they recently opened one up in the mall closest to me! That is one of the places I go most often (Hot Topic...)
Other places I shop often are some of the small pet stores where I sometimes buy pet food like Kiss My K9 and 4 Legs and The Barking Lot. I also go to Petsmart a lot for crickets for my bullfrogs. Lately I've been going to Target a lot too because they have my favorite drink, Mountain Dew Pitch Black (in an Icee form) and it's the only place to get it.

One shop we actually do NOT have in Chicago is Wal Mart! They were not allowing them to open a shop in the city. However they did open one up a few years ago in the suburbs not to far from me. I rarely go there though.

I also wish we had a Sonic here. They keep showing commercials for Sonic over and over, yet the closest one is NOWHERE near Chicago! It's very annoying! The funny thing is the only Sonic I have been to now was in Texas.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
I might be one of the few that wishes there were NO WALMARTS!!!

Thank goodness I'm not the only person who thinks this!

I tend to shop at Superstore for groceries, and then for other stuff I like to suport stores that only have Canadian made products, so I shop a lot at Giant Tiger, which are only set up in the core areas and are actually doing something good in that area!
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