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Dandruff looking things

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Hi everyone,
I think my cat has a problem. He is itching too much. He is also licking his hair all day long that his hair becomes wet. He didnt used to lick his hair that much. By the way he is 6 months old persian and he is going to be neutered this week. Also I saw some dandruff looking things on his skin. I didnt see many, just 2 or 3 of them. I think they are stuck on the skin. He sleeps alot but I dont know if this is related to the dandruffs. He eats well though. I will take him to his vet but i dont really trust the vets in my area so I wanted to ask it here.

Thanks for your help,
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i have never heard of anything like this. I am sure someone with experience with something similar will come along and be able to help. My only advice is give your vet a call and see if they have any ideas.
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What are you feeding him? One of my cats has had dandruff before and it was related to a poor quality diet. I switched them to a better food (California Natural) and it went away.
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If he is eating and drinking and not making himself bleed, I would think you should ask the vet to look into it at the time of his neuter later this week rather than booking an emergency appointment.

It could be any number of things, but my guess is either ringworm or a food allergy. I've heard that long haired cats such as persians are particularly prone to ringworm, has he lost any fur in sort of small circular patches? Definitely ask the vet about it! If it is a food allergy a change of diet can really help.

There is also the possibility of allergic reaction to flea bites (has he been treated for fleas recently?) or flea medications, some of the over the counter ones can be quite toxic and cause a reaction (if he has a flea collar remove it, they can be dangerous and cause all sorts of problems including skin problems).

Just a few ideas, your vet will be able to give you a much better idea of what is up with him.
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I asked the vet and she told me that when I take him there for neutering tomorrow, they will look at the dandruffs too.
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Great stuff, fingers crossed for you that it is minor and easy to treat And good luck for the surgery

Let us know how it goes... (neuter and dandruff examination!)
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He might have fleas. One of my cats had what looked like dandruff before and the groomer said it was flea excretions. Your cat is scratching and licking himself too which could be a reaction to flea infestation. My cat had a flea dip and the problem was gone.
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My cat hasnt had a check for external parasites and doesnt have a flea collar (is this necessary) but he is always kept indoor. Are fleas visible to eye btw, my can is white.
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Fleas are tiny but you should be able to see them especially if your cat is white. I couldn't see them on my cat since she's dark haired. They'll know at the vet. Good luck.
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I took him to the vet and the vet said there aint a problem but offered to change the food over IAMS that is for skin and hair health. I am using Hill's kitten currently.
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Iams may help a bit .. I would add some olive oil or what oil you have to it
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Selim, I have no idea what food is available in Turkey, but switching brands might help. Adding a bit of fish oil (about 500 mg.) a day to the food for about 2 to 3 weeks also should cut down on dandruff. Are you feeding a dry diet? Adding wet (canned or pouches) may also help.
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Well, today I found some black things on my cat and as I read before put them on a wet towel and they left a brown-reddish blur behind. I couldnt find any fleas but he should have some. The vet told me that she checked for fleas and I wonder how come she cant see these. I told you vets here are not very good. Anyway, I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow. I got another cat 5 days ago and the vet put some gel medicine for fleas in her fur yesterday. Should I take her again? And if my cat gets rid of the fleas, will the reaction to flea bites recover without a medication. I dont want to ask this to the vet because I dont trust them anymore.
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Your cat needs medicine to get rid of the fleas ... the black stuff is flea poop
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