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Purrrrrse Snatchers!

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I was playing on the computer this morning before I left for work when I heard this "scratch, scratch, thud, scamper, scamper" sound coming from the hallway. I ignored it at first; I could tell the cats were playing with something, and just assumed it was one of their many, many toys (or my sneakers ... for some reason they obsessively steal my sneakers and play with them). When I got up to go to work, I found my cats playing with my brand new purse! It was handmade by a friend of mine: she dyed and felted the wool herself, then knit the purse and sewed in a lining, and it's very, very nice (the colours turned out really, really well!). I had put it in my bag, which I then hung on the bannister -- somehow, the cats got it into their heads to open the bag and steal my purse! (I suppose they were attracted to the smell of real wool?) Fortunately nothing was missing from it, but still ... I can't believe my kitties are purse snatchers!
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They will truley play with anything! And since you mention them playing with sneakers mine play with my sneakers to! They are big and heavy but they will drag them around. Sometimes I just don't understand them!
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Oscarsmommy came over my place one time and my kitties kept trying to snatch her purse, I don't carry one so they can't steal mine
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They were probably attracted to the bag it was in! The purse was an added bonus! You didn't expect the pirates to share their loot did you?!
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Never had a snatcher - just purse nappers. Never knew when I would look in my bag and find a napping cat.
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I get that too and my bag is on the banister!

Whenever anyone visits us with a bag, there are always paws and heads straight in there to check out the goodies!
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