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Noisey Morning Behavior...Help!!!

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So, here is our problem with our cat…

He does sleep through the night ( good ), but when he wakes up somewhere between 6:00am and 9:00am…he makes a TON of noise ( bad ). He bats at the door handles, meows, knocks things over…pretty much does anything possible to create noise and get our attention.

Lets start at the beginning…we got him weaned WAYYYY to early. He was less than 4 weeks old when we took him home ( we thought he was a bit older ), so he thinks we are his parents. He follows my wife and I around the house all day long ( cute ), he greets us when we come home from work, he is highly entertained watching either of us shower/ bathe, he comes when called, plays fetch, we chase each other around the house, he chases after me…you get it. He almost the purrr-fect cat ( sorry, I had to ).

To our best guess, he is 1.5 years old. He is a beautiful Russian Blue. Indoor cat. Neutered. Free to roam around a 3000+ sq foot house. Yet demands to be within 15 feet of us almost always.

We have tried everything we could think of:
•\tSet food out at night so when he does wake up, he’s got it there
•\tKeep his favorite window blind open so he can look out
•\tIgnoring him
•\tMaking loud noises/ yelling “NOâ€
•\tSpraying him in the face with a water bottle

What do we do to stop this obnoxious behavior????

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Sorry I don't have any helpful advice for you, but my husband and I feel your pain! Our beautiful cat Jaden is the same age as yours and she still acts very kitten-like. She's great at sleeping through the night but as soon as 5 am rolls around, she's suddenly full of energy. She jumps on and off the bed, and playfully attacks our feet and ankles. She meows, jumps on the dresser, looks out the window, paws longingly at the plastic window covering (the winter insulating plastic), then she's off to find a toy. She uses the litterbox (unfortunately located just outside our bedroom) and tries to bury her waste for 15 mins straight. She finds something else to do, then goes back to the litterbox for 15 more mins of burying action. It's very "interesting," for sure! Arg, we are so sleepy in the morning because of this, but we still have lots of love for our little fuzzy furball!

Nothing you or I do will disuade our kitties from acting out in the morning. I was told by other members that cats are predators and start "hunting" for their meal about 2 hours before mealtime. I can only hope they will slow down with age: my parents cat, who is about 7, will wait patiently at the foot of the bed until my mom gets up to feed her. No loud meowing or noisy playing. Until then, sleep with earplugs and secure all items on dressers, shelves, or anything else he may knock over. Good luck to both of us!
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Unfortunately I don't think there's a whole lot you can do for this. He loves you guys and after sleeping and not playing for SO many hours, he wakes up and is ready! You can try getting him a cat condo/tree, a cat bed, and some extra toys. Does he sleep in the bedroom with you? You could try to start getting him to sleep out of your bedroom, in his own bed, so that when he wakes up he might play with his toys or cat condo instead of demanding your attention. But I must say, you're lucky he sleeps in as late as he does, our cats tend to wake us up around 3/4, if we're lucky we get to sleep in to 7, but there are others on the board that will atest to earlier wake up times.

There are some great toys out there that he could play with by himself, there are actually some great laser toys that can be set to turn on at certain times, creating the red dot and moving it around for your cat to chase, that might help.
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I agree - he just wants your attention. Is he an only cat? If he's been sleeping like a good boy all night it's only natural he wants a bit of action when he wakes up! Is it possible for you or your wife to have a play session with him in the morning to help use up some of that energy? I have to admit I'm rather envious at him sleeping til 6-9am as Mosi was up at 4am this morning meowing and playing. Alternatively, maybe a furry companion might help?
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I'm sorry I don't have any advice to add, but please be careful with the water bottle. I wouldn't spray him in the face if I were you. If any water at all gets in his ears, he could get a nasty ear infection. Plus it is distressing him further and as you said it hasn't worked.
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Best wishes to you! Lucky & Molly wake hubby up around 3am. He is up by 4:30-5 for work & feeds them. What about leaving him out of the bedroom and turning a fan or low music to drown out his sound?
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If ONLY we could get Dusty to sleep until 6 am! She wants her Fancy Feast breakfast anywhere from 3 am to 5 am, and won't leave us alone until she gets fed - even though she always has dry food available.

In every other way she is teriffic. She just likes to get up early.
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i have the opposite problem, I can't GO to sleep cause they are playing!

My sephie is like that, comes when i call, meets me at the door, watches me shower...tries to get into the bathroom when i pee..but he also has his alone time. He was a velcro cat for the first year of his life. If I sat down, he would be on my lap, if i laid down, he would be on me too.

Not much you can do though I don't think. You're his family and he loooves you. Have you tried putting him in *short* time outs. That always adjusts sephie's attitude. I put him in the bathroom for a few minutes and he comes out, head hung down...much better disposition.

You have a huge house, is there a spare room you could use a kitty room and you could put him in there for a little while while you tried to sleep a little more? Cattree, litter box, the works? I don't know if it's the best solution though.
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sleeping all through the night that must be a dream come true mine are up almost all night and then they take a little cat nap after i feed them at 2 or 3 and then at 5 stormie is up and ready to play except Bella is still sleeping until 7 !!! I cant wait for Bella to get up so they can play together that way i can get some sleep other than them using me as a toy to jump on while chasing each other...then again they both sleep in here with my door closed because stormie is a baby and we have two big labs and bella just dont like the dogs and tends to get in fights with them ! But like others have said get some more toys although Stormie knows they are there she just wants to wake me and Bella up haha and if know one comes or she sees it just sitting there she attacks it and puts it in my shoe not good for my shoes but it keeps her occupied...and she is playing with the shoe now but she only does it for a little bit till she gets bored then we are back to meowing!!!! Although she loves her big sister and her big sister loovees her Stormie did help get bella to be more playful and they have each other than waking me up to play I hope something works though for you guys I know I feel your pain almost every day
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
I'm sorry I don't have any advice to add, but please be careful with the water bottle. I wouldn't spray him in the face if I were you. If any water at all gets in his ears, he could get a nasty ear infection. Plus it is distressing him further and as you said it hasn't worked.
I agree, please stop spraying in his face. It really will do more harm than good if you get in his ears.
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