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the Daily Thread HUMP DAY Dec 20

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Morning all!

Hump Day again, only one more workday this week for me!

Nice weather still, although in the 60's instead of 70's. Rain later. But not much chance of a white Christmas here in NC. Hardly ever happens anyway...

Why do I think today's holiday might also be for Sarah? I just have a feeling she does this....

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Yes that's fitting for our flower girl Sarah

Another cold day today. I've received some flowers from Jersey from my brother and sister in law

Eek not long now for Santa coming!. Did my last grocery shop last night and spent a fortune!.
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Yay! Flower Power and smilie faces!
I do dot the i of my signature with a blob! maybe I should add a smile just for today!

A chilly and dull day here - I think the fog from yesterday has gone, but I can't be sure!

Possibly doing my present run today - all being well that I can get hold of my parents!

I have put my cards up on the wall now - hoping they last with the ribbon dangling! I just have to get some other decs up and I'll be done and ready to clean!

Have a happy hump day everyone!
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Yep Sarah totally does that...Although it doesn't really go with the power tools:flail

Morning everyone!!

I have a seminar all day today, and bringin my car in this morning to see how much I will have to pay to get the Etest passed Please wish me luck if you can spare it

Welp, nothing too exciting, hopefully the seminar isn't so boring I wann rip my eyes out...

Have a great day!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Yep Sarah totally does that...Although it doesn't really go with the power tools
That's how I get the perfect circle for above the i - I use my drill!
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Good morning! I am back to normal today I think! I will have to see if I remember to dot my I's with smiley's! Today is my office Christmas party! Lots of food and fun! One of the ladies brough Cocito (spelling) its like egg nog I think but its what they drink in Puerto Rico. Well shall see how that tastes!
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Oi! What a morning. Mom had a couple of appointments. Dropped her off and headed to the post "awful" to mail a couple of packages. Only 2 windows open and one was monopolized with someone doing a mass mailing and a lot of registered letters. The remaining window was doing fine, but just as it was my turn, it shut down. The clerk hailed another person and told them to open up. That person, with all the speed of an anemic snail, walked by the other windows about 5 times before finally appearing with the till. By that time, however, the other clerk reopened his window and I went to him. I was hurting, but at least I wasn't further back in line.

But, to make myself feel better, I stopped at the chocolate shop and bought some mello milk chocolate and mocha nut balls. (I can just hear Neet, Nat, and the rest of the gutter gang, now... They are tasty, though.)

Then picked Mom up and came home. Checked the obits and discovered that the last of my great-aunts died on Sunday. She was born 30 years after the oldest. (Eleven kids total.) Anyway, I'm not sure if I can make it to the visitation or funeral.

I was also going to go to the lapidary club and straighten out the bulletin but the way I am aching, that is iffy. Besides, I need to conserve my strength for tomorrow when the family will be celebrating Sis's birthday at Red Lobster. (Cheddar garlic biscuits. )
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OH Hey, Jan! What you doing????

Hope your back feels better!!!!
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You've been munching balls!

Sorry you've been hurting today, Jan - I can completely understand that! I'm still trying to get comfortable too

I managed to get my presents delivered to my parents (despite the oblivious idiot in a van trying to hit me on the motorway at 70mph )

Still have to get my decorations up, as I was late back from my parents and the supermarket (being ID'd....again!!) Now I'm planning to have a lovely relaxing evening ready for a mass clean and washing day tomorrow!
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Happy hump day to all!

I'm off today but I'm cleaning the house (or making it look good anyway! )
then we are supposed to go shopping for food so we can make goodies to take to DH's parents house on Christmas eve and Christmas day. But DH might have to bowl tonight so we are not sure what's gonna happen. I might be alone in my shopping excursion. I hate shopping alone. It freaks me out. I don't like crowds and when people come up to me ( that know me from my workplace) it bothers me alot. I don't know why. I've been this way for years. Strange since I work with the public, I just don't like being "in" the public.
Oh well, 5 days until Christmas!!! Anyone else excited!!?

Enjoy the great day! Ours is 50 degrees and no snow! Yippie!
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Neet! You get Miss Belinda to say hello to us all! Either here or VF!

Tell her thank you so much for her help I send LOTS of
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
Neet! You get Miss Belinda to say hello to us all! Either here or VF!

Tell her thank you so much for her help I send LOTS of
She's HERE!!!! LSULOVER is her username. She has a thread in New Cats already!

And she makes the VERY BEST COFFEE in the mornings. She can make some for us now! Well, ya'll since I don't drink coffee.
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Did my shopping run-man the mall was busy!!! Doesn't anyone work????
Got the cool fabric I was eyeing up at one of the local fabric shops and some patterns. Picked up a turtleneck sweater (on sale) a Coach brand men's shaving kit on clearance (at TJ MAXX), got my bread and rolls order in to be picked up on Sat am. Did some cleaning earlier this morning too.

Just waiting for Friday to roll around (the reason will be in another post)
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