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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope U had a great day!
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Well, the day is over before I get a chance to prowl the Lounge a bit and find all these lovely greetings. Thank you everyone! It has been a good day. It started a day early, actually. My sweetie took me out for dinner Tuesday night here. Dinner was awesome. My stepson joined us, and arrived ready to play chauffeur, with these in hand...

I deliberately kept the day "free" (but ended up with a gazillion emails to get through after not being online for most of 24 hours), and meals simple, as we were going in the evening to the annual Christmas gathering of a group of friends with whom we used to sing casually, and still keep in touch.

It's a dozen or so of us, counting partners -- we sing for a while, imbibe Dr Johnson's recipe (for the uninitiated, it's a wonderful hot wine punch -- sort of like mulled wine, only much better), then stop singing and nibble goodies that everyone has brought, and gab for a while longer. We got in about 30 minutes ago. It was a very pleasant evening, and a very pleasant day.

Thanks again, all!
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It sounds like a great Birthday - your flowers look beautiful!
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