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To Leave at Home or Not?

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Hello All,

I could really use your help and advice here.

The situation is that my fiancee's (our) cat had to come home with me for Christmas break from college. We came home this past Saturday and it seemed very stressful for our cat (about 2 years old though we've had her for only a few months) and it wasn't until Sunday evening that she returned to being herself again.

We have never left her alone for more than 12-14 hours or so and she eats canned food. We used to feed her canned and dry but she was throwing up a lot - we stopped the dry and the vomitting stopped as well.

My fiancee and I are going to be at her house, which is 2 hours from my house, from late Christmas Eve (11pm or so) until the day after Christmas. My fiancee does not want to leave our cat here at my house alone for two days and with dry food only.

I don't want to bring the cat to my fiancee's because 1) the move could be very stressful and it is only a week since we came home from school, 2) we would then have to move her back to my house in two days, 3) then in a few weeks we would have to go back to school, 4) the cat would be in my fiancee's bedroom only because she has two dogs and the last time the one dog saw a cat he chased it up a tree.

SO which would be better - leave the cat at home for two days with dry food that might make her vomit, keeping in mind that she has never been alone that long, or take the cat with us and hope for the best?

Thank you so much. ALso, can anyone point me to expert (i.e. vet or pet behaviorist) sites?

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Is there anyone that can come over and feed the cat the canned food. Since your cat has problems with dry food, you can't really leave her with that only.

If a friend can't help out, then you might have to look into boarding and at this last date, that might be hard to come by. Call your vet and see if they have anything to offer in your situation.
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I imagine boarding the cat would be just as, if not more, stressful than taking her with you. It's a strange environment and strange people.

I think the best option would be to have a friend, family member or pet sitter come by a few times a day to check on her, scoop the box, and feed her. You can also check with your vet... maybe one of their vet techs would be able to do it for a little side money.
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Even though it would be two days here and two days there, she would be with you, and you would not have the stress of worrying about her. I think perhaps taking her with you might be good.
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