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Homemade cat trees?

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I'm not positive if this is the right place for this post. Sorry if its not! I know some on here have built cat trees. I was wondering if anyone had a good website or something on how to build your own. Also what were your experience with them? Were they easy to make? How much did it cost? I conned my little brother into agreeing to build me one for the kitties. But I need to know how. He thinks he knows about how to do it but wants me to choose what I want it to be like. I really have no idea other then for it to have alot of things for them to play with. And to be able to climb high. Thanks
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I've never built our own, but I know John really wants to. I do know that LuckyGirl (Heather) had her husband build a really awesome one for their 2 cats!
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There is a website, with some DIY plans you can buy. They're so cool!!!!! If my cats were indoor cats I would so make some!!
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hmmm i cant be much help because I have been wondering the same thing for a while as well so I am glad that you made this post you may have helped me out as well I really wanna either buy bella and stormie one or make one but I dont know, which would be cheaper? Money differences things like that lol !!
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Amber, my DH made them two. I printed out a TON of cat tree pics from the web to give him ideas, and he went & got a bunch of stuff to make it. I'd follow these steps, and if your brother has some normal carpentry skills he should be fine. We spent a total of $100 for 2 very large cat trees, and a giant beam to go from one to the other (which they LOVE I might add!).

1, make a plan....pick out one that you want him to make.
2, measure your space....if you only have ceiling so high he needs to know, and width & depth too, give him what you want the criteria to be.
3, have him make a blue print picture.....draw it out, with measurements of each section (ours is 3 levels high)
4, get materials....1-2 sheets of plywood (depending of your sizes) and 2x4's etc.

**the other thing is, we had 2 small tables that were junk, the small triangle table DH used for the top level of 1 of the cat trees, he covered it in carpet and secured it on top....maybe if you could find some old end tables at a salvation army or something, those could be cut smaller and covered in carpet.....

Here are the links to the pics threads of my 2:
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Shawn and I made ours and we have about $35.00 in it.
Here's my post about it.

Let me know if I can help in any way.
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& if you're unable to build one, you can get pretty good deals on them on eBay. i got a 6 foot tree for mine last year for $71 including shipping. had to bid on about 5 different ones before i won one, but finally did. it was an Armarkat tree, too, so a good brand.
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Also, I saw some at Wal-Mart today for $50.00!
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If there is a store that sells woodworking equipment and if its a well stocked store they may carry plans to build furniture and other items. There is such a store in Green Bay and they had a plan build a cat house. I didn't check it there was a website listed on this companie's plans.
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No advice here, but just wanted to wish you good luck, and don't forget to show us the final product if you do make one
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Thanks everyone! I have been looking at different trees online and have printed some pics up and see if you could comebine a few of the looks. Zacky boy is really good at that kinda stuff. Hes only 15 but is already being taught carpentry by a friend of my parents because he saw something that Zack made. So it will give him some practise on bigger things. He's really excited about it. And so am I!
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Make sure to show us some pics of it when he gets it done!!!
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