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Latenight behavior

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Hey, guys
I'm a natural night owl, which I'm sure our cat Cal really likes 'cause he's got somebody up when he's up. Normally I spend the night writing on my computer, working on my latest novel. This is a set-aside time 'cause it's quiet and there are no interruptions.
Yet now there are, and Cal's the source, lol. Here is what he does:
When I'm sitting in front of the computer, from about 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the morning, he'll come up repeatedly next to my chair, look at me, and give a little bird squeak. Sometimes he'll even look at a toy as if trying to get the message across that he wants to play. Since I can't resist how cute he is, I play with him several different games with different toys. When I stop 'cause I think he's done or tired or bored, after a few minutes of my sitting down, he comes back and the cycle continues for hours. Sometimes I wonder if he does this 'cause he wants to play, or if he wants something else. I don't know why or what to do. I love the attention he gives me and I know he must love me (I've even started becoming more of day person so I can write now, lol), yet I don't know for sure what he wants and how to keep myself from being bored from playing the same games over and over. Anybody else's cat do this? What do you guys think?
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Gabriel does that to me. He'll come over and meow and then wants me to follow..so I follow...sometimes the food bowl is nearing empty...the minute he sees the bottom, he tells me about it.
But sometimes, I have no idea what he wants, he meows, I follow...I keep telling him "what? what is it?"
Food bowl..check!
Water bowl...check! empty and refill for good measure..

still he meows..I just walk away after a while after petting him and telling him i love him. I think sometimes it's an imaginary need like that imaginary thing they chase...

Sephie used to play fetch when he was a kitten. I think your cat just wants to play. My cats play more at night. They wake up between midnight and 3am...great!!! hehehe.
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thank goodness that we are some nightowls...my kitties sound like your kittie, although I am trying to find some techniques to tire them out more at night meaning more playtime during the day !!! When I say mine are up all night I mean ALLL NIGHT until about 8 am and sometimes later...man is it tiring and stormie is quit a talker so I do play with her and then after a while I pick her up and start to pet her for a while and she usually gets down and goes on my bed and right to sleep (I learned the trick) althouhg it doesnt work all the time lol, I just wish it did and Bella she goes in the window soon as she sees daylight coming Stormie is more playful because she is a kitten and everything but at least the have each other at night to play and if bella is sleeping so she can watch her birds i will play a game of fetch or well 5 games of fetch or more and well then they play with each other and when its time for me to go to sleep or try to sleep thats when the real bugging comes So I agree that I think your kittie just wants to play...!!
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When I have to get back to work I tell Gizmo the mouse has died, congratulate her profusely for killing it (the toy is of course still at this point) and give her a treat. Then I put the mouse away in the cupboard. She gets the idea though she might yowl for a toy for a while. Eventually she finds one of her own.

I suggest giving your cat an empty toilet paper roll--it is a quiet toy that he can play with in the wee hours and not make too much noise. But Gizmo is known to run madly about the hall with hers!
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I does like it when I play with him, but sometimes he seems bored with it, yet once I sit back down (it's like he has radar or something) and start getting into something, he comes right back. Almost like he's trying to monopolize my time at night and as if he has to be in the limelight. It's like I can't do anything but be with him. I was just wondering if perhaps he might want something different, like maybe more petting, or to play something else, or for me to just sit by him...I don't know what to do but try anything and everything. I'm cat illiterate and just trying to figure out how these cute little creatures work.
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sephie used to jump on my bed and after i had surgery, even a 4 pound cat could hurt my stomach by stepping on it. He jumped on me once..ouch!
Anyways, i kept putting him down and he just kept coming back, it was a game. I finally just had to close the door with him on the other side. I felt bad but it hurt too much to have him sit on me or lay on me and he did that every single night. He couldn't be next to me..that wasn't good enough, he had to be ON me. My husband was in the living room so it's not like he was totally shunned.
My point is they will keep coming back..LOL
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I work at the computer and desk with Gizmo sitting on my lap. She is on a small sofa pillow that keeps her off the keyboard. Maybe if you held your boy he'd sleep quietly and you could get some work done.
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