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Introducing Starbuck

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I picked up this adorable baby tonight. Some jerk threw her out a car window on my friend's parent's farm downstate. She is a total people kitty.
By the way if anyone has any idea how old she may be please let me know since I have no idea. Her first vet appointment is Sunday.

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More pics!!!

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i wuv her!!!
Starbuck is a doll!
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One more

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Originally Posted by catlover73 View Post
More pics!!!

oww i like this one!
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Awwww! She's adorable!!! How anyone could throw a little cutie like that out of a moving car is beyond me. Some people are such idiots and deserve no better than what they give out.

I'm glas she has a new forever home with someone who adores her!
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Isn't she precious! I know what i'd love to do to the people who threw her
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Awwwwww look at that sweet face

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aww what a little precious girl.............and a big thank you for taking her in she just gonna be a little bundle of fun
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What a cutie pie. I love that little face.
I hate people for doing this to animals. If you don't want it just drop it off at "no kill" animal shelter. How can someone just toss this little angel. Ah don't get me started I have had issue with people and horses and dogs and now cats/kittens. I have seen plenty of people drop kittens in the garbage.

Anyway to answer your question she looks like she is around 6-8 weeks old. When I got Gizmo he was only 6 weeks old and looked the size of this little kitten. See my post it has pictures of Gizmo when he was 6 and 7 weeks old. What are you going to name her?
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We have named her Starbuck after a character on the tv show Battlestar Gallactica. My hubby named her.
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She's so beautiful, how could someone do that to her...Hug her for glad she found someone to love her!
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Aw what a tiny little thing!! she's so cute cripe its bad enough people were abandoning her, but then they have to throw her out the window too
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She's a precious little girl. I'm so glad you rescued her and are giving her a loving home.
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