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Blocking and blocking/need some advice

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I am really hoping for some sound advice. My 2 1/2 year old Tangerine has had quite a year. Started in july when he first blocked. Then he kept blocking, everytime they took the catheter out, he blocked again, which led to the penial uresthromy (spelled it wrong). Which led to a major infection, which led to fatty liver disease, which led to another surgery. Needless to say he's been through a lot. He was at the vet for 3 weeks... When he came home the vet said to feed him what he will eat.
6 mos later... he gained 8 lbs (which is what he was at..) and BLOCKED again two weeks ago. Docs couldn't tell me why, just an infection that had him inflamed which made him not be able to go to the bathroom. 2 weeks with a catheter again... and it's coming out thursday. (cross your fingers).
please please please... don't want to go through this again... anyone have advise... food? i bought uti treats, uti paste, and purina one urinary tract wet and dry food... can i be doing else?
has anyone used baytril antiobiotic before. he was on 2 shots a day, and i mentioned to the vet he may have gotten used to this, so now on clamamox.

I am starting to become obsessed. i watch everything he does, follow him around, pretty much hand feed him, sit up with him... i have many conversations with the vet to put him down, but the vet really wants to try to get him well.
any help would be appreciated.
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Honey, take a deeeeeep breath. You are doing all you can.

Now for some questions for you and your vet.

Have you had x-rays? Do you know if it is crystals that is causing the problem and what kind? Is is something that surgery can correct?
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That's the problem... no crystals this last time. Just infection. Sorry I am freaking out i just really want him to get better.
Do you think purina urinary tract is good food??
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I can't comment on the purina UTI food...those foods usually are meant to help dissolve crystals or to prevent the crystals from forming. If your cat is getting repeated infections without crystals then that's a little different. My Rambo had numerous infections and I switched him to a premade raw diet which is very health and has a high water content. The food is also carbohydrate free which means no excess sugars in the urine which can often encourage bacterial growth. I have also switched him onto bottled water to remove any of the sediments or other chemicals present in the tap water.

I learned a lot of this from other friends with similar issues to him. One of them actually had to have her cat have the operation to actually remove his penis as he had a genetically too narrow ureter and was so succeptible to blockages. Since the surgery he's had no problems and is now 15 years old (had the surgery at 3 years old).

Don't give up on your baby. I know this has been stressful, and maybe talking to another vet (second opinions) or even a homeopathic vet might offer some new insights.
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Actually - Tanny has had that surgery to remove his penis in july... and another surgery to open it up more...
since we have an appointment tomorrow, i am starting a list of questions now... and also looking for another vet for a 2nd opinion
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