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A merry xmas from us!

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Dear TCS friends!

I wish i could stop by more often to read all your threads, i have gone though so much in the last few weeks that i literally have two new gray hairs!

I want to thank everybody who has sent me cards and something for the kits, i'm literally at loss for words, but i want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

My parents arrived on saturday and are really mad at the whole situation.
The first thing we did after having a cup of tea was head out to the supermarket and filled up my fridge and lots of food for the kits.

Teufel will only eat one brand of cat food which is Purina One the dry food. My mother was angry at the fact i had to switch to cheaper food that teufel lost alot of weight. Lucky we noticed today that he is putting on his weight and kaylee is putting on some too, although she didnt really lose as much as Teufel)

My mother brought back some of their toys that were accidently sent to Rome, but it made teufel really agressive towards kaylee, he keeps on hissing at her if she touches his pink mouse, and infact in the last few days i find clumps of black fur around the house, which means Kaylee has been beating Teufel up. (my mother told me to keep an eye on them because it can turn out to be really nasty in a few weeks/months)

Work is okay, i am not teaching as much as i should, because i am 'so young' my boss gave me a business card so i can tutor 2 children in January. But literally i feel a bit discriminated because of my age.

I am still doing the Intership, and I am struggling to pay my Bills, so my parents have to help with the rest.
I didnt realise how hard it would be but hopefully from Febuary onwards life will be better!!

Please keep in touch via PM's or Email id love to know what youre all upto!!

Incase i dont come online in the next few days

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stay safe everyone and dont stuff your selves too much!!

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Merry Christmas to you Fran sweetie And here's hoping 2007 will be a happy and prosperous one for you and the kitts
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Merry Christmas from us to you, Fran

I still need you to send me that new address! I hope things settle for you soon and that the New Year brings lots of luck and of course....fun!

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Oh Fran!... ....Feliz navidad para Ti y para tus Gatitos!!!!....
Some special words in spanish to you my friend!...
Merry Christmas Fran, Teufel & Kaylee!
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I hope 2007 is a much better year for your and get me your new address too!!
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I have been thinking a lot about you! I am sorry to hear life hasn't been so great lately! I am sending many good vibes to you and your kitters! We hope to hear from you very soon!
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Good to hear from you and I hope things get better. Did you ever post about getting paid or not? I was wondering about that
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I had been wondering what happened to you. I hope things get better for you soon.
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Fran, good wishes for a better 2007 for you and the kits. Stay safe and happy.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Merry Christmas to you Fran sweetie And here's hoping 2007 will be a happy and prosperous one for you and the kitts

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Merry Christmas, Fran! I'm only a phone call away (but use the landline, as I probably won't have my cell phone turned on for the next two weeks). Kaylee is a little adventuress.
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