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Two new little arrivals

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Over the weekend, I did some gardening at my grandmother's house and came across these two little ones just, kind of, plonked in a flower pot. My grandma said that no mum or dad had been around for many hours so guess who has 2 new little foster-kids? I'm keeping them warm and they seem to have actually grown a tiny bit in the last couple of days. I'll let you know how they go. So much for orphaned kittens!
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Wow!! THats so cool!!! Good luck with them!! A little different to the usual fur and four legs!!!
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Wouldn't it have been better to leave them there for a bit longer in case the mommy came back for them, so that they have the best chance at survival??
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I thought of that but they were very cold and my grandma said they had been there without mum or dad for nearly a day. I rang my local vet and he said that the parents should only leave them for short periods to feed and that their best chance was to be fostered.
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Any idea what kind of eggs they are? I saw that pic and thought of that one Simpson's episode where Bart takes care of the eggs that turn out to be horrible lizards that destroy Springfield's bird population. LOL
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I think they might be pigeon eggs. The pigeons are notorious around here for just gathering 3 or 4 sticks and laying their eggs there, teetering on some ledge somewhere or even not bothering to make a nest at all, just laying them in anything that looks remotely like a nest! I saw that Simpsons episode, LOL.
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Well now I am very curious as to what kind of eggs these are!!! Keep us posted! And good luck with them!
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I am soooo embarrassed! It turns out both eggs were infertile, so here I am happily chatting away to them, telling them to grow up into big strong birdies etc. etc. and there are no birdies inside! LOL The growth that I thought I saw was the contents of the egg settling.

Well, at least my first two fosters for this year didn't die...technically...
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