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Back by popular demand

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Well the great and powerful Catlessgoatman is back. Amber keeps telling me I need to come on here so I figured I would pop on and say Hello to all you lovely ladies. Ive been very busy making a very nice town in Animal Crossing and have started playing around with many different Sims. Ive also been sleeping and ummm thats about it. Oh and being the toy thrower to the many creatures running around here. I'm doing pretty good overall. My pelvis is healing very nicely and Im able to move around quite a bit now. Nazumi just fell off my dresser. Poor Boy is such a clumsy cat. He doesnt realize how big he is. .
00000000000 He also just jumped on my keyboard. Bad Zum Zum!
Back to what I was saying. I'm doing good right now and now Im trying to focus on getting Amber healthy. She has pointed out to me that shes never been healthy. But this is rediculous. I'm trying to get her to take it easy but she wont. You girls need to get onto her and tell her to take it easy. Its not good for her to be pushing herself like she is. Oh I also was forced to send Acasia, Nalini and Shashi to my parents in Arkansas I didnt feel good having them alone at my house all the time. Im obviously very sad about that. Ive decided to stay here with Amber even after Im able to take care of myself again. So that means I will have to just see the girls when I visit down there. I wont be able to properly care for them for a very long time. So I figured it was for the best. Thats All Folks! PEACE OUT!
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Hi !!! Glad to see your using your time wisely.... Amber is right, you should hang here more often!
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Glad you are feeling a little better, sorry about your babies, welcome back!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back! @ Animal Crossing. I play that, too!
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Good to read that you are recovering ok!!!
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Welcome back. It is good to see you back. Good luck in setting Amber straight. I'm really glad she has you there.
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Hey John! Glad to hear that you are healing up well, and WE AGREE that Amber needs to slow down and take better care of herself. Lavagirl will slow her down soon enough.

Sorry to hear about the goats having to be relocated, I know you must miss them like crazy. But your parents will take good care of them til you can get back to 100% .
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Welcome back Mr goat whisperer! Just kidding! Nice to see you roaming here again! Now we can enjoy your company as well as Ambers!
I hope you don't get driven away again! We missed ya!
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Welcome back John
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Welcome back John!! We missed you around here.
As for Amber, she'll slow down as she gets a bigger belly from Lava Girl.
Wait until she goes into her *nesting* phase........she'll be majorly cleaning
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