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Going to Dr later

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I finally made an appt for me. For like 2-3 weeks now I have been feeling extremely bloated, and just really FULL. Well I am really tired of it, so I have made me an appt for 4:00 today to see if we can find out whats going on. If you could, please spare me some vibes that nothing serious is wrong.

Thank you....Monica
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sending get well soon vibes for you Monica!!!
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Monica, you have tons and tons of healthy vibes coming yoru way from me.......I hate doctors myself!!!
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Sounds like it might be IBS maybe. Amber is always complaining about being really bloated and half the time she doesnt get hungry at all. Sending you some vibes.
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Monica sorry you aren't feeling well, hopefully they can help you today! Sending get healthy vibes to you!
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Sending out healthy vibes that all goes well
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Well I go in for sonogram Thursday to check for ovarian cysts and he also wants to check my liver. I had blood taken as well to check my thyroid. It probly wont be back until Thursday or Friday though. But all the vibes are so much appreciated guys!! You all are great.
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Good luck sweetie!!! I hope it's nothing.I had a Hysterectomy 3 months after Dad passed away,so I know about the female problems too.
Good luck and keep us posted.HUGS!!!
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Sending vibes that its nothing serious
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Sending some major vibes your way from me and the rotten crew.
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More major vibes. I hope there is nothing serious wrong and that it can be easily treated.
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Good Luck. I hope that everything will turn out to be okay!
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