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A bit of silliness

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Unfortunately, this will probably make sense to just the U.S./North America members, but I just wanted to share this. Over this past weekend, my wife and son gave me a great surprise!

Disney video recently released a 2 DVD collection of "Schoolhouse Rock", the 3 min. cartoons that were aired between the regular Sat. morning cartoon line-up. These truly inspired bits managed to teach most, if not all, of my generation (IMO) about grammar, multiplication, science and American history. While they ARE over-simplified, consider their target audience. And these guys WEREN'T educators; they were advertising guys.

Anyway, I got the biggest kick out of watching all 48 clips yesterday. There were so many I forgot, but still so many classics:

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here
Great American Melting Pot
Conjunction Junction
I'm Just a Bill (how a bill becomes a law in the U.S.)
The Preamble (to the U.S. Constitution)
Elbow Room (about the early U.S. settlers heading west)

Ah, so maybe I'm dating myself, but I just wanted to share this.

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I LOVE those! I am so glad to hear they are out and available! Thanks for sharing that.
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Cool. I was in high school, when those started but I got a kick out of them. Of course, I watched them with my kids, too.

Where did you find those? It might make a good Christmas present for my son and his fiance. Samantha is a teacher.
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They were released on Aug. 27 as a 2-DVD "30th Anniversary Edition". I've seen them available at Wal-Mart, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Kmart, etc. $19.99.

The second disc has some cool trivia and background info on it, too.

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Thanks, Bill. I'll check it out.
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Those are so great! Whenever anyone mentions the Constitution, especially the preamble, I start singing the Schoolhouse Rock preamble song to myself.

And I love Elbow Room, Elbow Room, got to got to get us some elbow room, it's the west or bust in God we trust . . .
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OMG!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!! I had forgotten alot of those...like the Lolly Lolly one, until now!!!

My favorite...and it is echoing through my head right now...is the "Conjunction Junction" one....Conjunction junction what's your function???? :laughing:
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Conjunction Junction was my fave too...but I really liked "I'm Just A Bill" too.

Check out this website:


Wow...a blast from the past!


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Thanks for that link!!!! It is great to see and hear them again after all these years!!!!

Not to change the subject..but since it is somewhat related, do any of you remember the old saturday morning TV show from the 70's..."The Land of the Lost"??? With the dinosaurs??? I LOVED that series, and I recently found a few of the videos of it on e-bay and bought them. They had the whole set for sale, too...every last episode...but that was too expensive. I used to be mesmerized by this show as a child, remember the Sleestak (sp?) and Chauka?? And the biggest dinosaurs name was Alice. I haven't watched the videos yet, but I am going to sometime this week...talk about another blast from the past!!!
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I take it noone remembers that TV show I mentioned above? I thought for sure someone would. I'm just an old fart I guess. :laughing:
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Actually, Debby, my wife and I remember it quite well. Yes, it too was a childhood favorite. Did you know they tried to remake it a few years ago? It didn't fare as well.

And you hardly qualify as an old fart...

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I remember that show and I'm only 44!
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I remember Land of the Lost, and I'm only 35. For some reason, I just remember HR PuffNstuff, too. Remember that one? Witchie poo was scary when I was little.
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Glad I'm not the only one then!!!

And Brenda...I loved HR PuffNStuff too!!!!! I always felt so sorry for that poor flute she was trying to do away with!!!! And now years later, I have heard that the name, HR PuffNStuff has something to do with smoking pot. I guess now that I think about it, the name does sound a bit suspicious!!! LOL :LOL: But I don't care...it was still a funny show!!!!
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Oh my gosh! Land of the Lost!

Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known.
High on the rapids it struck their tiny raft
And plunged them down a thousand feet below.
To the Land of the Lost.

I used to sing that song every day! Sleestaks!

Do you remember Lost in Space? Zoom? Sigmund the Sea Monster?
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I love those! I saw them at Costco last night and was tempted!
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Carla, I don't remember the sea monster one, but Lost in Space and Zoom...absolutely!!!
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