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Cats play fighting, one died?

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Hi All,

Yesterday my smaller cat (2 years old, but a small cat) was on my floor passed away with his mouth wide open. I had 2 cats, they were god pals and play fought A LOT sometimes I had to break it up cause the bigger cat seemed like he was hurting the smaller one. Now, my bigger cat has a cut on the inside of his ear and I am wondering if my bigger cat accidentally killed my SCOOTER?? Has anyone seen/heard this happen before? I really miss my baby and feel so bad for him. He was just alive and playing and now he is gone...... Can anyone help me feel better as to how this happen? They are both indoor cats and both healthy. Scooter was just really slim and a smaller cat. 30 mins before I found him I did hear a load noise and my other cat came downstairs with his tail all fat. I just thought they were playing again. Nothing was out of place or knocked over or anything.....Could this have happened over play fighting?
My other cat seems to be pretty happy and still playing on his own. I want to get another kitten but am unsure if this will happen again?

Scoots Mom
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What a terrible tragedy. I'm so very sorry you've lost your little boy.
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I am sorry about Scooter.
What kind of loud noise? Was there blood?
I think you should have the vet examine the carcass. He's the best way to find the cause of Scooter's death.
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Hi, there was no blood at all. I was going to have him examime but I was told that would cost around $400.00 for the cause of death.

I did talk to a Vet today and she said it is not likely that is what happened and that he prolly fell or something. Then I went back to the noise I heard, it sounded like something fell off of something....I was just thinking they jumped off from my TV. I have a TV in my bedroom on top of my chest and they like to sit up there? Maybe they were play fighting on it and he fell? I am just wondering if anyone heard of a cat dieing from play fighting? Choked?

Scoots Mom
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Very sorry about you losing your baby. That must have been very, very sad for you.

It is highly unlikely that just play-fighting would cause a cat's death. I realize that ANYTHING can and does happen around cats, but this is highly unlikely. The scratch on the other cat is probably from the playing, but I am sure he didn't "kill" him.

I might have been that your baby had, perhaps a weak heart, or an internal blood vessel rupture that could have happened while he was playing.

Very sorry again for you loss, sad headbuts and tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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That's so sad. I'm very sorry for your loss, though my guess would be that it was an accident. It sounds like the poor kitty fell and might have landed wrong.
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I am so sorry! I've never heard of a cat death from playing, but I have lost a cat very suddenly to heart failure. You said the cat was small. Perhaps his size was an indication that he did have some underlying problem that the vet couldn't detect? Heart murmors can sometimes be very difficult to detect in a cat.
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i am so sorry for your loss, i cant imagine your cat killed the other, it sounds like your kitty had some vulnerability that no one knew about and his time had come. Will you have a ritual to say good bye?
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. I thought I'd share a story, about a similar situation.
My mom adopted a cat from the humane society. He always had this ritual that in the morning, he'd go in and play on my mom's bed- in attempts to wake her up for food. Well, the morning that he died, he was playing with a toy- jumping up on the bed with it and tossing it off, getting it and jumping back on the bed with it. My mom was kind of half asleep while he was doing this, but she felt him go to jump off the the bed, but she could tell that he didn't land gracefully on the ground, but like he fell. She sat up and saw him laying on the floor. He was dead. The vet assumed that he had an undiagnosed heart condition, and it was confirmed about a year later when we found out his litter mate died in the same way. Your story just reminded me of this.
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Oh heck I am so sorry to read your post I have never even heard of this before, but I agree with the others, I dont think your other kitty killed him, something just happened that you werent aware off
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Unless there is other evidence (like bite marks to the throat/spine. then I suspect your younger cat might have died from a heart attack. Was there any indication from a vet about heart problems or cardiomyopthy?
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If a cat bites an electrical cord, they can die without any real physical evidence. That happened to my sister's cat. She never found the teethmarks in a cord, but the vet did a necropsy and determined that electric shock was the cause of death.
I am sorry for your loss.
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