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Remembering Vodka

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Please note that this is from a thread in the Pregnant Cats & Kittens forum, which can be found here:

The moderating team expresses their sincerest condolences for your loss...
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i hate to say this... i really do.. typing it just brings me to tears...

as i was feeding vodka today, things were different.. all of the cats were sitting around her... just looking.. and as i was trying to feed her, she wouldnt swallow.. at all.. then started meowing.. that was the worst meow i have ever heard of, and never want to hear it again.. just hearing it made me shake and cry, momma got in my lap to see what was going on and then began to growl at her... i did all i could to feed her...

i felt for her heart... i only got a faint beat... there was nothing left....

so i put her in her bed, closed her eyes, turned the light out and shut the door.. she is in a better place now, with her father, Vodka Sr. (i named her vodka because she looked exactly like me boy vodka that was killed a few months back)

she is in a better place, w/o all the pain she had here. we had a little service and put her beside her dad...

im going to miss her...

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I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beauty. Sometimes they just have such a short life here with us, it's just not fair.
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Oh honey, I am so very sorry. Sad, sad headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We weep with you.
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Thats so sad, she was such a cute little one.. its always difficult though when you tried so had and she tried so hard. Sometimes its just not supposed to work out. *hugs*
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I remember reading about the death of the other kitten due to fleas, I'm sorry for your loss. Did the vet say it's ok to bath the kittens? I thought they might still be too young for that. Best of luck with the comb to get rid of all the evil fleas and those beautiful babies.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Out of deep respect for your loss, and sweet little Vodka, I'm going to close this thread, and make a copy of the relevant posts in Crossing the Bridge so she can be remembered there.
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Sweet Little Vodka RIP darling, run and play with your new fur-family over the Bridge
The love from below will make you purr again

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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet baby Vodka.
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Im so very sorry for your loss. Baby Vodka Rest in Peace
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Condolences on your tragic loss of Vodka; I am sure that she is purring happily with her Vodka,Sr. up there over RB. You tried so valiantly to heal her; you were even willing to cancel your trip this Wed. for her sake - such love and commitment - all the cat angels in Heaven are singing your praises, and little Vodka is singing the loudest of all. You are in my thoughts and prayers during these difficult days. Susan
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Poor baby Such a tiny baby who was too young to die

Run as fast as your tiny legs will carry you Vodka sweetie. All the older kitties are waiting at the other end to play mum to you while you play with all the other TCS kittens that are there

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace and play Vodka. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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thank you so much everyone. things have been so hard. its almost as if all of her brothers and sister know.. sometimes i will catch them where she died.. meowing at the door... hopefully things will get better over time...

and for whoever asked... the vet even gave her a bath to get rid of the fleas... (which they werent very successful in doing.. ) but yes.. the baths are ok.. you just have to take extreme mesures to keep them as warm as possible.. i have a friend help me with all of them.. the rest are good because of the baths.. we are bombing the house tomorrow... so hope is on the way...
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Vodka, she was a sweet-looking beautiful kitten. I know how it feels to lose a kit so young, I lost three of mine to cat flu before they hit 2 months of age. Vodka was such a fighter, and so are you... I am sorry it was a battle lost, but hope springs eternal for the rest of your kittens. I hope they all survive the fleas and grow big and strong!
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i am so sorry for your loss, RIP little one.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful kitten and it's so very unfair that she was taken so young with so much life left ahead of her to discover.

Rest in Peace little Vodka. Your daddy and the rest of the kitties are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to meet you.

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