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A special post to three incredible members

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There are so many new people here, some may not really know me. But most of you do, and know that I had many cats and kittens come through my home over the years. I sometimes tell myself, that my home is a transit station, because most of the cats move on to other homes, or we lose them to death.

Two kittens, Shredder and Kabota found just weeks old in an abandoned barn full of tractors, quickly captured my heart. Even, years later since their passing, I think of them almost daily- especially Kabota, fondly called "Tractor Butt," because as a youngster he would routinely push all other cats and kittens out of the way to get to the food bowls.

Today a Christmas package arrived, the contents inside put together through the efforts of three members that I will forever consider friends, brought me to tears. As if the card wasn't enough to baptize the table in tears, the special keepsake box, mousepad and plate all adorned with Kabota and Shredder as kittens brought me to my knees.

Thank you, all three of you. I have moved on to other projects, but please know the three of you wishing to remain in the shadows, that you have individually impacted my life while I spent it here, and you blew me away with your gift of kindness just now. I will treasure these gifts forever, and Mike and I both want to thank you for bringing us such tears of joy and smiles of rememberances of two little kittens that changed our lives in a very great way~

I Hope that others here find such constant friends who put Music in your life, and teach you about Compassion for all creatures no matter who they are.

With gratitude and love~

Mary Anne
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and that is what the Christmas Spirit is all about!
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That was very sweet of the three who put this together!!
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it just proves that there ARE some very good-hearted and thoughtful people in the world
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That is SO SWEET of them, you have yourself some special friends, and what better time of year for such a beautiful thing to happen.
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That's lovely, MA.
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Its great to hear how wonderful members of TCS can be.
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And just for my 2 cents worth, I can't begin to tell you what an impact you made on MY life, while you were here. I love you.
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thanks- maybe when my book is finished, it will have equally a big impact for cat lovers
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You were(and continue to be) a special part of my life. My cats thrive because of some insights you gave me, I shared things about myself that I'd never think about telling anyone else (no offense everyone!) with you, you have helped me in ways above and beyond and for this I thank you over and over.
I'm glad to see that there are still angels in this world that care enough to spread Christmas joy to others!
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Aww what a precious gift. It's good to know that there are still good people left in the world.
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You alreayd know it MA, but there are some wonderful members here on TCS, you included. You helped me so much when you were here on a regular basis.... we miss you, but I am eagerly awaiting that book I keep hearing about!
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Mary Anne, you and your resident and temporary cats touched many of us. Your wisdom touched even more of us. Your passion inspired quite a few people to action as well.

It is only fitting, then, that a few of the people who you have touched, reach back and touch you. I can tell you that Shredder and Kabota hold a special place in my heart as well. They were two of the most amazing cats I've ever had the priviledge of knowing, even if only through the internet.
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Oh that's so lovely! Brought some tears to my eyes!
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That is so very nice. Bless you for taking care of the little ones and best of luck with your writing.
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