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A heartbreaking story...keep them in your thoughts?

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When we were adopting Mojo, one of the managers told us about a kitty that was there with an adoption group. The kitty is 14 years old, and had been given up because her owner was going into a nursing home that didn't allow pets. Unfortunately, the kitty's owner is very, very ill. It isn't expected that she will make it to the new year. Her dying wish was to spend her last weeks with her kitty. All of us got choked up with that thought. Thankfully, the nursing home agreed, and the kitty has been reunited with her owner for one last time.

I don't know any of them, I don't even know the kitty's name much less her owner. But could you all keep them in your thoughts and prayers, that their last Christmas together is happy? They both deserve that much...
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That is so sad, and so sweet all at the same time! God Bless that woman, and God Bless her sweet kitty that brought her so much joy! And God Bless the nursing home for allowing them to be together till the end...
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Many prayers being sent their way... I'm so happy to hear that the nursing home let her have her cat there with her
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how caring and compassionate of the nursing home the woman and kitty will be in my thoughts
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I hope this Christmas is the most special occasion for them!
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Aww that story brought tears to my eyes. Not many nursing homes would have been compasionate enough to allow that. Hopefully in the event that the woman does not make it the kitty will get a new home.
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How wonderful that the nursing home staff had the compassion to allow that woman and her beloved kitty to together. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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What a wonderful story.

I visited a nursing home in this area one day with my friend who was visiting her MIL. This particular nursing home had a couple cats that had complete run of the facility. They had a notice posted at the front door asking folks to be careful to not let the cats out. I was mightily impressed.
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Sometimes you hear such horror stories about nursing homes, and what an inspiration to read that this nursing home truly cares about the patients there. It is so beautiful to see that they have done the most special thing for this lady, by allowing her last days to joyful as she spends them with her precious cat.
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Oh I hope they have a wonderful reunion with each other.
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I am so glad the nursing home is letting her spend her last few weeks with her best friend. This made me cry.
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I'm glad she gets to have a merry Christmas with her kitty!
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Originally Posted by ConsumerKitty View Post
I'm glad she gets to have a merry Christmas with her kitty!
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That is so, so sad Bless her and her kittys heart I'm so pleased the nursing home gave this poor woman her last wish
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What an amazing, unselfish woman to know she is terminally ill and yet her thoughts go out to her cat!! Sending vibes her way....
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I'm so glad to hear that an exception was made for this woman and her kitty. I will be thinking of them as they spend their last Christmas together. I'll even dare to hope that this experience causes the nursing home to think about the possibility of having one or more resident cats. It really does make a difference -- for all concerned.
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How very sad
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I am sending many prayers and vibes that the lady and her very special cat have wonderful memories of their last Christmas together....and...I hope that someone comes into their lives who enriches the lady's last days, and that the kitty finds her next home, and that the home be a truly happy one, until the time for her to go over RB, for the forever reunion. what a touching story
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Oh they are most deffinatley in my prayers.

I immagine that when that time in my life comes, I will want the same. How wonderful the nursing home is answering her request.
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Such a sad and wonderful story. I'm glad the nursing home has allowed the lady to spend her last days with her kitty. May they enjoy their time together and may kitty find another wonderful and loving new home.
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